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Archive for November, 2011

Haters…? Must Be Something Epic Afoot…

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

I’m feeling like a bit of a slacker on my posts lately.  My apologies.  Finals are coming.  Not to mention my old school “vintage” mac’s mouse is frozen on the computer I normally blog from–guess I wore it out?  Ha.

Anyway, two conversations/situations brought me the material for this post today.  First, had a true hollywood story conversation about a topic that I’ve been curious about for awhile with someone I trust today, who basically reconfirmed my suspicions.  (I know, cryptic, but I can’t really say more about that, other than the energy from that conversation brought me to this post.)

Second, I’ve been having a miniature epic battle over at Twitter with a friend of mine this week about which is better: VanHalen, or VanHagar?  (I know, I know…with all the real problems in the world, who cares?)  Well, look, here’s my point.  There are ALWAYS going to be haters.  There are ALWAYS going to be people who disagree.  There is ALWAYS going to be dissension among the ranks.  And generally, I’ve found this to be true the more epic your ideas or the higher up you get.

Let me explain.

Usually, people want you to do well.  They’re on your side.  However…when you do something REALLY epic…?  That epic-ness tends to polarize people. Your real friends are going to be in your corner. The fair weathered friends?  They might become haters.  But when you have haters, that means you’re onto something truly epic.  When people see people doing epic stuff, they go one of two ways.  The love either gets stronger, or…there’s that old saying between fine line of love and hate.

Generally, I’m not a hater, unless of course you’ve bitten me.  (Bite me once, shame on you, bite me twice, shame on me.)  I personally think there is something to be gained from each and every person on this planet–exchange ideas, share passions, make the world a better place, etc.  However, there will always be the polar opposite around when you get epic. It’s like the Force–there’s dark and light to it.  You almost need to have both in order to balance out the universe, maybe?  I don’t know.  But here’s how I manage it: I either fight the negative energy, or better yet, ignore it. Ignoring the haters actually allows me to channel my energy into producing something even MORE EPIC than before-yay!  And my friends, success is the best revenge, isn’t it?

Not that I’m hating my friend Dave’s VanHagar love.  He just happens to be wrong.  VanHalen is just better.



The Spectrum of Entrepreneurship: From I to E

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

So this is a pictorial representation of something I’ve been trying to articulate for a while now.  That is, the spectrum of entrepreneurship.  On one hand, you’ve got the gold watcher – the person who worked in a ‘stable’ job for 30 years, and retired with the gold watch.  On the other side, you’ve got the wild, crazy, pie in the sky entrepreneur – he or she bears 100% of the financial risk of his or her enterprise.  Think Richard Branson.

So, I think the smart and newer way to go about entrepreneurship in this country is become an “intrapreneur” or bear some personal risk, but keep the day job as well.  At least, this is what I argue in my new book.  If I’m wrong, so be it.  But I think because there are people out there doing this and succeeding in doing both, I think we’re all on this arrow somewhere.  The question isn’t of one or the other anymore.  I think the more interesting question instead is – where are you on this spectrum, and how can you maximize your skills to bring back to yourself the best, optimal life for YOU?  That’s the most important question relative to the American Dream, methinks.

Entrepreneurial spectrum

View more presentations from Erin Albert.
Who knows if I’m right?
What do you think?

Do Epic Stuff

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Sorry I’ve been away from the blogosphere over the holiday.  It wasn’t my best.  BUT–I did knock out some law school studying (I’m sure my Evidence final WON’T reflect that) and I over-ate like everyone else and watched way too many Hallmark holiday movies, but the holiday is what it is.

One of my mentors asked me what I was up to these days, as email can’t capture everything that’s floating through my head at one time.  (Thank God.)  So, I thought it was an interesting question.  I’m about to throw down some epic stuff going through my head right now.  If you have ways to help me get this stuff out of my head and into the universe, of course, I’m all ears as always to my eBaker’s Dozen!

Free Condoms: There’s No App For That…in Indiana: Law & Public Health class tonight – we’re launching  Yup.  Not only was this a public health legal issue, but we’re making it real.  Dig.  I’m a little obsessed with smartphones, social media and health care right now, since all the SM gurus say the #1 way we’ll access the ‘net by 2013 is via a mobile device instead of just a laptop, and this topic we thought was a cool group project.

Children’s Pharmacy Book Project:  right now, the 9 students are at illustration phase of this project.  Publication process is coming soon.  Trying to figure out if we should eBook it perpetually and run one line of book-books, or do something else.  Traditional publishing just isn’t cost effective for the budget we have right now.  I don’t know how little kids read books these days – do they just get iPads now?  Kindles?  Can’t. Figure. This. Out.  Never wrote or produced a kids book before.  New stuff.  Experiment, anyone?

Pinterest:  I discovered over the holiday a new time vampire: pinterest.  I heart it, but hours can go by and I’m reorganizing my boards.  Dear Pinterest, I think I love you, but you’re a vacuum.  Actually, I have found it good for collecting ideas on creating my own valentine, which is coming soon, methinks.  What’s a valentine?  Well, you’ll just have to be a fan and find out!

Pharmacy, Policy and the Law:  gearing up to take this class on as coordinator in the spring at work.  I’m not afraid to say it: this class is going to be intimidating to coordinate.  Not so much with the content itself–but the volume of it.  However, I must balance the code along with the students’ interests and ability to articulate how to argue for their profession.  Nothing like drinking from a firehose.  My mentors in this realm told me not to sweat the small stuff – but in many ways, law is ALL small stuff.

What to make for the annual B&B:  Every year, one of my girlfriends and I get together for our annual Bake & _____.  I’ll let you figure out the other B word.  I’ve been stalking Pinterest for this reason too.  One of my friends calls Pinterest “food porn.”  I think it’s an awesome place for recipes.  See Pinterest above for more.

ShaunWhite Whitemint Gum:  Just picked it up.  Possibly the coolest gum ever.  Gum really isn’t epic, but Shaun White is.  I digress.

How to get 5,000 followers at Tweetown: I spend most of my twitter energy @yuspie–although I have other accounts.  All I really want for Christmas?  5,000 followers at @yuspie.  That’s all.  Just have to figure out how to get there, and get the right people on the yuspie twitter bus.  Of course, I can pay for it – but that sucks all the fun out of it.  I think the best way to build a good tribe is have epic stuff to say.

Yeah, aren’t you glad you asked what was floating through my head today?  I’ll spare you the monster stuff that I haven’t even approached here – it’s just TMI for the Monday after a holiday weekend.

Happy cyber Monday!



Are we all entrepreneurs now?

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Just had a respectful argument at lunch about this very question.

So, I had to back up and look at the origin of the word, “entrepreneur.”  It comes from the French word, “entreprendre,” which means, “to do something” or “to start.” Where’s the “start a business” in there?  I don’t really see it.  I think the English took the word and added the “business” part to it.

What was fascinating about this lunch conversation was that the person sitting across from me didn’t think she was an entrepreneur herself, yet, she works for herself and her family.  She owns her own business.  When I asked why she didn’t think of herself as an entrepreneur, she said the people, the “faces” in her mind of entrepreneurs were motivated by different things than she was.  Then I asked her if any of them were women (as she and I are women) – to which she replied, “no.” Hmmm….

I view entrepreneurship as a “spectrum.”  That is, on one side, you’ve got that 30 year same job work for the man person who has no aspirations of moving onward, upward or anywhere else – they just do the work and wait for the paycheck. However, on the other side, you’ve got Richard Branson, Tony Hsieh, and a lot (of men, honestly) who risk EVERYTHING on the enterprise and are fully and solely reliant upon themselves to move the business, THEIR original business, forward. That is the hard core entrepreneur to me.

Then, there’s a big white to black gray bar with various shades in the middle.  In the middle are intrapreneurs – people who think and act, “start” stuff but work for someone else in corporate America, as an example.  You’ve got BOTH intra and entrepreneurs, who do both (check out Plan C, you’ll know what I mean), and you’ve got those who maybe are early on in their careers, know they want to do something on their own at some point, but they’re busy right now just getting their feet wet.

Where we respectfully disagreed came when I argued you can be both an intrapreneur (work for someone else) AND an entrepreneur at the same time by starting your own thing.  The person sitting across from me wasn’t quite so convinced.  What I found most ironic?  She didn’t think of herself as closer to Richard Branson as the full-risk entrepreneur, but she obviously is closer to him than I am (since I’m technically the hybrid intra and entrepreneur).  Fascinating.

I think we’re all entrepreneurs now, whether we like it or not, and whether or not we collect paychecks from clients, employers, or someone else.  They are ALL clients in my eyes, and in my book?  We all need to be STARTING something…DOING something.  It just may look a little different for each person and it may have different investors.

We decided to respectfully disagree.  But I’m sticking to my guns on this one.  It doesn’t have to be all or none.  It can be both…you can have an i and an e in one person…and we can all be somewhere on that line, swimming in the shades of gray as we advance our careers, and our lives moving forward.

More on Working With the A Team

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Impromptu meeting with one of my mentors yesterday, he and I conversed about something that to me has become more valuable and important over time.  Ironically, it was to him as well.  What is it?

Well, he’s a money/finance guy.  It’s about the numbers to him.  However, ironically, he stated that the first thing he and his investment partners look at while determining whether or not to invest in a business is: not the numbers.  Not the money.  In fact, the numbers relevant to him can fit on a half sheet of paper (or an unfolded half sheet cocktail napkin).  What’s important to him?  The SAME thing that is important to me: it is the people.

Do you like the people involved?  Are they there to have fun?  Are they there because they are passionate about what they do?  Do you trust them?  Do you think they are sincere?  Do you LIKE them?

That’s the most important thing for him–a money guy.  And, while money isn’t everything to me…he and I share this exact same philosophy.  I’ve talked about the A Teamers here before.  I’ve also shared with you that I personally believe in the Jim Rohnian philosophy that you are most like the 5 people you hang around the most–so choose your friends wisely.  Bluntly–I’ll go out of my way to work with other A Teamers…even on a project out of my own personal comfort zone.  Even on something I’m not personally fired up about (at least not fired up about yet).  Why?  Because eventually, the other A Teamers are going to GET me fired up about the project.

A Teamers love what they do.  And they’re willing to work 3-300 times harder than normal workers because they honestly feel as though what they are doing is NOT work.  It’s a higher calling.  It’s fun.  They love it.  And that’s precisely why they’re going to win probably more than the usual bear: because they have everything invested in their ideas, their passions, their calling.  It’s not just about the money to them.  It’s not about the numbers to them.  It instead is something you can’t buy, bottle, or reproduce.

I’m glad my mentor (who is a brilliant finance guy) and I share this same fundamental philosophy.  It gives me hope!  Because even though I’m not as much into the numbers as he is, we use the same foundation for whom we choose to work with over time.  Booyah.

Get more A Teamers in your life.  Not only will you benefit, but the universe will benefit from your maximized passion as well–Jim Rohn would be proud!

An Education x 2

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Just back from a pharmacy law conference in St. Pete.  Loved the weather, but it was a cruel joke to have pharmacy law continuing education while facing the beach – literally.

Anyway, on the ride there and during the trip, I read A Jane Austen Education: How Six Novels Taught Me About Love, Friendship, and the Things That Really Matter.  All I can say first is, I LOVED THIS BOOK! It’s one thing to love Jane Austen (a no-brainer for chicks) but this book is about what the author learned from each of Jane’s books…and it’s a man!  DOUBLE DIG.  I literally want to marry the bottom right quote on the back cover of this book.  This book was great because it also talked about 3 things in one: the characters in the books, Jane herself, and the author himself as he wandered through Jane’s books.

So to all my male friends out there who don’t get Jane, Mr. Darcy, Willoughby and and the other large cast of characters in Jane’s books and what makes them truly phenomenal – READ THIS BOOK.  Seriously – I think all young men should be REQUIRED to read it.  It’s that good!

Just wanted to get my rave review down on paper – I have to get back to unpacking and preping for next week (I’m officially WAY behind now…) but you KNOW how this sistah loves a good book – and this one wasn’t just good – it was GREAT! READ IT!

Balance: It’s Bullsh*t!

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Everyone always likes to ask me if I sleep.  I do.  I usually get between 7-8 hours. Then I get asked about time management.  That, my friends, I’m still trying to figure out how to optimize.  If you have suggestions, I’m all ears.

But then, inevitably, I get the question about “balance.”  I’m starting to think that word should join the p word in my list of abandoned words: “perfect.”  I’m chucking both.  Because I think balance, isn’t.  There is no balance. It’s just another fallacy.  You can read my rant on it over at Shetaxi, here.

And if you are a woman, and someone interviews you – laugh when they ask you the balance question – and tell ‘em I told you to laugh–and then refuse to answer it.  Because there is NO balance.  It’s like talking about infinity…or perfection.  It just doesn’t exist.

Rant over.

SWE 2: It’s Official

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Today, the PR is out on Single. Women. Entrepreneurs. Second Edition – yay!  I’d like to personally thank the original SWEs in the book, and to add to the second edition, we have the four amazing women/businesses as bonus material and interviews:

Sondra Powell – Red Hot Roasters – Louisville, KY
Kimberly Stepp – Mocha Tree Organics – Indianapolis, IN
Danielle Klotz – Pink Poppy Ink – Indianapolis, IN
Michelle Cove – Producer and Director of the documentary – “Seeking Happily Ever After” – Boston, MA

These wonderful 4 ladies make an awesome add to our already GREAT group of women from the first edition.  FYI– the second edition is only available as an eBook – but on 8 different platforms.  The most popular are Kindle, Nook, and it should be out on iTunes and is available from the ePublisher in several formats just in time for the holidaze.

Lastly – if you have a woman or a younger woman in your life who is struggling to figure out who she is in terms of her career and her passions, this book would be AWESOME as a gift that could just change her life in a positive way.  Each of the stories contained within this publication have inspired me to be a better version of myself.  I hope that you might consider this amazing gift to give to someone else who could benefit from it.  Last but not least, regardless of what gifts you give, try to buy from a local small business woman.  Or man.  Just emphasizing the “local” here – we all need to support our local peeps in order to grow and have thriving original businesses in our communities.


Message to A Best Friend

Monday, November 14th, 2011

I received a call tonight from one of my best friends on the planet.  While at first glance that doesn’t appear very unusual, it is.  Why?  Because this friend never calls.

It’s no one’s fault.  She and I just live about 1,000 miles apart now.  But back in the day, when we lived in the same place (Philadelphia) we each collectively celebrated our highest highs and comforted each other when it came to our lowest lows, and it seemed at the time it was literally a Dickinsonian “best of times/worst of times” part of our lives.  I am grateful for our friendship, and treasure it each and every day, even though now, we work at different companies, live in different cities, and don’t connect as much as we ought to (myself to blame as much as anyone else).

However, when I received her message, I immediately returned her call, to find out that her mom suffered a horrible illness about a month ago and now was nearing the end.  She was calling to let me know, so I didn’t find it on Facebook or in a random online post–she wanted to let me know personally, which I greatly appreciated.  Although, I feel horribly for her and the tough choices she and her family will be facing over the next few days.  She and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Although I can’t be with my friend, I can feel for her.  I can think of her and pray for her and her family.  I can love.  That I can do.  And while this post might not be deeply insightful or mesmerizing to you, dear readers, I do want you to know that I do treasure your friendship.  I love you too, dear internet people.  I love that we can connect here, and know that you are also in my thoughts, just as my friend and her family are also in my thoughts.  I celebrate your triumphs with you, and hope that you get through your down times quickly and painlessly.  That’s my wish for you.  And her.  And her family.

And don’t be like my friend and me either…pick up the phone and call a loved one just because.  You don’t need a reason.  If you think you do, blame it on this blog post.  Drop this post, get off the internet, shut down your computer, and call someone you haven’t talked to that you love right now.  Life is short.  Don’t forget that.  Ever.

To my friend: thanks for the call.  I’ll be thinking of you in the days and weeks to come.

You Do the Talking, I Do the Walking

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Ok, so several of you (my wonderful eBaker’s Dozen) told me you wanted an automatic “push” of my blog posts to your email inboxes.  (There are just so many ways I could go with this…but I won’t even try.)  Let’s focus on the reality: I listened, and now this here is REAL!

<———If you look to the left side of your screen, there is a sign up with your email address bar.  Put your email address in there, confirm that you actually signed up at your own email inbox and presto!  I will personally deliver my blog posts fresh and piping hot to your email inbox.  Like Domino’s.  Or the newspaper.  Or your dry cleaning, but instead, it’s just my words.

Next step?  Get your pizza order and deliver that along with my blogs.

EXTRA cheese, please!