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Archive for December, 2011

Another 1 + 1 = 3 Situation

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

I’m about to head into a meeting in 20 minutes where I’m going to put on my 1 + 1 = 3 thinking cap in order to combine forces and create a win-win situation out of something that…let’s just say isn’t ideal.

This is the exact same energy I dig in fellow entrepreneurs – they always have this style of thinking on – and it.  Is .  Awesome!  If you don’t try it.  Take a problem and turn it into an opportunity.  Create the awesome from the annoying.  Make something merry that might be a little moldy.  Lemons -> Lemonade.  I think you get the picture.  I do.  I’m going to try, at least.  And I dare you to take this mindset into YOUR next tricky meeting!



Monday, December 19th, 2011

Tomorrow, I’m taking the entire day off from work for the close to 10th annual Bake & B____ with my friend.  (I’ll let you figure out what goes in the blank.)  I always attempt to make a new cookie every year, and this year, thanks to my new addiction/love of my life, Pinterest, I’m going to try and make peppermint mocha blossoms as the newbie.  Y-U-M!

I always realize that–wow–the year is almost gone when it comes to B&B time.  My friend and I, ever since we worked together back in 2000, started this annual tradition, where we get together just before Christmas, bake, and vent.  Get it all out there.  Catch up, reconnect, and Betty Crocker our year-in-review. It’s fun. We even made T-shirts at cafe press, and I think I’ve blogged about it here before.  But yeah–Albert–what’s your point?

My point?  Well, maybe it is this:

It’s important to have and honor a few traditions every now and then. For me this time of year, of course it is writing my plans/resolutions/objectives for next, and reconnecting with my friends of years past, to bake some cookies, catch up, and spread the love.  For you?  It might be something else.  But don’t forget your family and friends in your traditions as well.  Yes, I know you’re busy, but it is important to stop and breathe every once in awhile (as my Zen Friend says…and I’ve already freely admitted to her that I have a monkey mind that totally needs an overhaul…post law school…)  I digress.

Just keep your traditions, please.

We’re also thinking of adding adult libations to this year’s B&B as well.  I guess if we did that, we’d have to rename it to B&B&C (c=cocktails). Hmmm….marshmellow martini, anyone?*

(*provided, of course, you’re over 21.  Or over legal drinking age in your personal jurisdiction.)

World Futur-e Society

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

Well, it’s about that time again.  Gotta start thinking about the old goals for next year.  I typically nail them all down officially the week between Christmas and the New Year.  Here’s how I roll on them, and of course I’m always curious how everyone does their goals for the coming year.  By all means, if you have a better idea on how to improve the process, I’d love to hear it!

Here are my parameters:

1.  Put them on paper – I really must commit to my goals in writing.  Otherwise, they really don’t exist.  Or, I’ll just forget them.

2. One page limit – My goals need to fit on one page, and one page only.  Why?  Because any more than that and it’s just too many to chase.

3. Categorize – I use goals under each of the following categories: Personal/Health, Work, Law School, Businesses, etc.  Other peeps might use categories like body, mind and spirit, as an example.

4. Bullet goals under categories – NMT 5 under each bucket, and preferably NMT 3.  First two should be important and achievable, and the third? Stretch goal that might just sound a little ridiculous at first, but the universe really has a funny way of making the crazy happen if you commit to it.

5. Once you have them on paper, carry them with you wherever you go – stick a copy in your wallet or purse or tape them to the back of your phone.  I put them in my moleskine notebook that I drag around as a warehouse for all my crazy ideas. Just keep them near you, so you can review them early and often.

I’ll have more on how to do this over at SheTaxi soon – as I wrote a more detailed piece for them on how I do it.  I can tell you that the process is powerful, because it sets your intention for the entire new year.  And friends, what could possibly be more powerful and fierce than that?

20 Things to START Doing

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Read this post and liked it today about 30 things to STOP doing to yourself.  I’m going to work on 1, 4, and 14 over the coming year, methinks.

But instead, I do (honestly) try and focus on the positive.  So, here are 20 things for your consideration to START doing, either now, tomorrow, 2012, or just in the future in general:

1.  Do different things.  Do stuff you’ve NEVER done before.

2.  Do get out of your comfort zone.  Go to a new place, stretch yourself, set goals a little beyond reality.

3.  Do get around people who intimidate you.  They’ll stretch you and challenge you to think about your life in a bigger, bolder way.

4.  Do help people who love and appreciate you.  How many times have I put my energy into people who didn’t appreciate it?  A. Lot.  Don’t be like me.  If someone appreciates what you do for them, keep helping them.

5.  Do choose your friends wisely.  You are most like the 5 people you hang around the most.  Pick carefully.

6.  Do take a class.  You don’t need to go to Harvard and matriculate.  There are plenty of community classes that don’t lead to a degree per se, but can stretch your mind.

7.  Do love.  Trust me, after the craptacular week I’ve had, it’s easy to get on the negative. Don’t!  Love.  Talk about things and people and places you love, and the more you talk about love, the more you’re literally bringing the love back to you.

8.  Do focus.  It’s a really attention deficit society.  I’ve found myself talking to people I care about and tweeting at the same time.  I. Must. Stop.

9.  Do appreciate the past.  This time of year, I do tend to reflect upon my past year because I’m forced to (through the performance management cycle) but also to plan for the next year.  You must understand where you’ve been to stretch yourself into where you’re going.

10.  Do set direction for the future.  If you don’t know where you’d like to arrive at, the journey might be a little circuitous.  Make sure you have a general direction of where you’re going.  You don’t have to have a 2000 point checklist, just a general direction.

11.  Do appreciate the moment.  Live in the moment.  I’m trying to do this, it’s hard, but it really is important.

12.  Do work with others NOT like you.  This can be hard if you work for a big company, or have worked in the same arena for a long time.  But it is really important to try new projects around people who don’t do what you do.  Work with people you like, and worry less about the mechanics.  Have fun!

13.  Do read books.  Not just magazines.  Not just flipboard.  Read. Books.  Literature.  Tolstoy or Dickens, even!

14.  Do sing in the car and the shower.  Trust me on this one.  You’ll feel better.

15.  Do take some time for you.  Seriously.  You’ll be worthless to those around you if you don’t take care of yourself.

16.  Do be fierce.  If you know something is wrong, unjust, or just generally a hot mess, fix it.  Dare to fix it.  Be fierce.  Be bold.

17.  Do be the real you.  If you’re living a life that someone else wants you to live…?  STOP.  IMMEDIATELY.  You only get ONE life, so live your life the way YOU want to!

18.  Do rock.  If you’re going to do something, why not do it right and to the best of your ability?

19.  Do something ridiculous.  My crazy goal for 2012?  Oh, OK, I’ll share it with you, my eDozen, ’cause you’re cool like that.  I want to get on the board at  It may be ridiculous, but if I don’t try, I’ll always wonder.  What’s YOUR ridiculous goal for 2012?  I’m giving you permission to try it.  Now.  Immediately.  Stat.

20.  Do share.  Tell someone your wildest dreams.  When you tell someone, you make it real.  You share it with the universe.  It becomes that much closer to real.  And your wild dreams can’t come true unless you share them.  Thoughts become things.  Wanna share with me?  Then email me!  Share the crazy–I can’t wait to hear it!

There you have it! Twenty different things you can try.  You don’t even need to rock all 20.  Just pick 3.  Or 1.  Just try something on this list.  Please.  Thanks!


Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Well, close to time to start watching our pharmacy students learn how to give IM and SC injections, always one of my favorite teaching experiences here in the college of pharmacy, then off tonight to celebrate a few victories (one with my law school colleagues who are finishing this December, and another with none other than the fabulous Ms. Melina Kennedy, for successfully living through a second political campaign – something I hope maybe one day to accomplish myself.)

My challenge to you through this message today…?  Try something fierce, if you can. Get around people who are fierce.  Do things that scare you.  Get around people who intimidate you.  You’ll only get better, stronger, and take more educated risks when you do–whether it be learning how to give a colleague or a patient a flu shot, running for office, finishing up a professional degree or something else you’ve always wanted to try, but something was holding you back.

I dare ya!

Pulchritude: Going with the Flow

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Ok, after spewing vitriol and anticipointment all weekend, we’re moving on to higher ground.

One thing in my inbox this morning was this article on how to tell someone they are beautiful.  Why I am rated on klout for beauty as a topic, I’ll never know, but I figure it can’t hurt to talk about it (esp. since I have my final final today on art law – I suppose there’s beauty in there somewhere…I’ll try and channel the, “Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” quote by Emerson today.)

There is beauty all around us, we just have to pay attention.  Wake up to it!  I’ll do the same!  EVEN ON A MONDAY!!!


Sunday, December 11th, 2011

I heard this word the other day somewhere…was it online?  I can’t remember.  Yes, it was, and in a very ironic place, now that I think about it.  (I’m still caffeinating this morning.)  However, I think it happens to be a perfect (and you know I don’t bust out the p word unless it fits) word for this weekend.  (See definition #3.)   In my mind, the weekend went one way during the week.  It rocked.  It was smashing!  A-game!  Red carpets–peace, love and awesomeness, etc.  However, in reality, it just…well…hmm…let’s just say the rubber didn’t meet the road.  (See the aforementioned definition #3.)

However, in the car this morning, I was listening to the end of Jim Collins’ new book, Great By Choice, and he reminded me of something that I had forgotten.  Nietzsche said, “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.”  Collins talks in his book about the “10Xers” who literally can take really bad situations and not only reverse them, but make them epically even better in terms of results for a company.

As I also corrected some negative posts on Facebook from last night (eh hem…yes, even Dr. Albert has her not so stellar moments–which usually include higher levels of anticipointment), I stumbled upon a friend who also had Nietzche’s quote on her wall as well.  There are two hints from the universe, so I’m aware, awake, and listening.  Another friend texted to ask what he could do since I clearly was upset, to which I replied that I really have no one to blame but myself.  (BTW–I have awesome friends.)

So, accepting the responsibility for my mess, here’s what I’m going to do about it after hearing the message of the universe, rather than continue wallow in my own self-anticipointment: I’m going to try and channel Nietzche, Jim and my Facebook friends from this bad weekend and turn it into the fodder I’m going to need to carry my next week forward, in a ten and hundred-fold fashion.  Dig in, work even harder and get to the point where the anticipointment turns into a true reality that will be 1000-fold better than I could have even imagined in the first place!  Guess I’ll call that: anticiaweseomeness, maybe?!?  Works for me.  People will greet with smiles, hugs, and big hellos, the carpets will be red, and there will be enough PLUR to fill a bazillion raves.  Sign me up!

(That, and the other lesson I learned this weekend–note to self: maybe it is time to try and write some fiction, since things seem to be better in my head these days…)

Higher Education Fail

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

I can’t spend any more negative energy on this – but if you’re as worried about our educational system in Indiana as I am, here’s another #edfail I experienced today over at the other blog.

Coolest Validation of the Year

Friday, December 9th, 2011

So, yesterday I started my faculty activity report at work.  In the for-profit world, that is the performance management documentation.  It’s honestly, between you and I, it is not my favorite process to go through.  Why?  Because it’s kind of backward looking.  Reflection.  What I already did.

Yeah, been there, done that.  What were the highlights?  Getting ready to teach a new course?  Teaching in new courses?  Finishing another year of law school? Publishing two books (one of which wound up in The New York Times?)  Ugh.  Nothing like a recap to bore me to death.  Y-a-w-n.

Ironically, while I dug in to the new template with caffeinated beverage in hand, the following email hit my inbox from a former student who had the audacity to take my entrepreneurship elective for pharmacy majors.  Here’s what he wrote:

“Dr. Albert, I wanted to let you know about my recent experience at ASHP Mid-year in New Orleans. [NOTE: ASHP Midyear is a big pharmacy meeting where students start residency and fellowship matching for those of you not in pharmacyland.]  While there I was in the People Placement Services (PPS) attempting to get accepted into an Industry Fellowship.  Seeing my experience in industry is limited it was a challenge to show my background in business, strategy, and development.  Going to the interviews I brought the Business Plans we developed during the Entrepreneurship class to show my work.  This single-handedly got me into the final round of two fellowships where I will be flown out to the corporate headquarters to discuss a possible future.  Thank you for having us do that assignment, it might have gotten me a dream job in the future.” [emphasis added]

All I can say to this is: WOW.  I loved it!  MADE MY WEEK!  Now THIS is the stuff that makes a faculty activity report worth producing.  THIS is why I teach, THIS is why I think entrepreneurship is important, and THIS is why I love my day job.  This may very well be the hi-light of my teaching for the year of 2011. Now, if I could just reach the other students in the classes there on getting them to think like intrapreneurs ON TOP OF being good clinical pharmacists, I will have officially done my job, at least partially.  The holy grail?  Getting all of them to start their own businesses and become entrepreneurs too–just like how my profession USED to be.

Nothing like a pie-in-the-sky goal to reach for 2012!  Hmmm…note to self: I smell a goal for 2012′s faculty activity report…

What Makes Something Art?

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

This isn’t quite the easiest question in the world to answer, as I study for my Art Law final now.  I’m still struggling with the best definition.

This is what the court says makes art (at least from Heileman Brewing v. US): 1. the nature of the object.  2.  The reason for its creation.  3.  The method of its production.  4. The profession of its creator.  5. The use to which it will be put.

I have several problems with this definition.  Andy Warhol also said that an artist, “is somebody who produces things people don’t need to have.”  I also disagree with his analysis.

I argue that art is like perception – it is in everything, and it is art when the observer perceives it as art.  Furthermore, I think art is absolutely necessary element to a successful culture.  The ancients did cave paintings, and today, we have post modern art. Art challenges us to view the world differently.  It moves us.  It makes us happy, or angry, or both.  Art is essential.

I write.  But according to federal copyright law, that’s not art.  That’s writing.  I literally have a different form (TX) that I have to fill out to get a federal copyright registration, rather than a visual artist.  But I still think of myself as (at least an amateur) artist, even though my canvas is different.

I’ll never forget, the first day we had a meeting of the new Fashion, Art and Design Law Society at IU Indy Law, and a student piped up and asked, “What is art?”  Wow.  Deep.  How much time do you have for that discussion?  And not an easy question to answer.  But I don’t think the courts even got it right.  I think art is what it is, and although it is hard to describe–you know it when you see it.