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Archive for February, 2013

Missed Ya!

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Hi Fab 13:

Did you miss me?  I missed you!

Of course, in going through the fiery inferno that is the bar exam, I missed normalcy for the past 2 months and the last 2 days were (hopefully) the last stage.

Today has been the first day of my new life – yay!  But I’m still a little tired. Going through a 2 day bar exam is kind of like going on a roundtrip flight to and from Beijing in about 4 days – there’s an element of barlag I’m still experiencing.

In the meantime, I’ll get my groove on soon.  One of the things on the docket is a spring cleaning of  Of course, if you have suggestions on how I can make it more awesome, I’m all ears.

I’ve also tried to get my writing mojo back on – wrote a piece for my friends over at SheTaxi that’s coming soon.  In the interim, check them out.

And, allegedly, my grill will be featured in an upcoming national magazine…but sshhhh…I’m just sharing that with you.  It’s not totally official just yet.

Last, I now have exactly ZERO clue on what the rest of 2013 holds for me.  But I cannot WAIT to see how it turns out!  I’ve been so focused on work and school since the new year, I’m pumped I get the rest of the year as an orchard ripe with possibilities.  (And yes, it’s sunny at 72 degrees here too.  Clear, blue skies…)

And to all my law school chums that endured the last 2 months with me to cram for the bar – congrats on being finished.  Hey–in fact, I’ll even let you in to my orchard of possibilities!  (But you might want to bring your sunglasses – because your future is so bright… : )

THANKS for your patience with me, my loyal 13 fans! MWAH!

My Last Post

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

In this, my alleged 1,100th post according to WordPress, I’m going to most likely NOT post anymore prior to heading back into the beast that is the bar exam.  Sorry – but you know I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do…

However, I’ll leave you with this: a friend of mine sent me this post last night.  I couldn’t agree more if I tried.  If you’ve taken the bar recently, you know what she’s talking about.

Wish me luck, peeps.  I’m going to need it.

Internship -> Intrapreneurship

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Posted over at the other blog today on internships.  This applies to all of us, but especially the young pros out there.


Law School Detox

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Nothing better than spending a Valentine’s Day morning at a bar prep class…which is what I did this morning.  I had to see where the bar exam will be administered in two weeks (…is it really that close? It is.)

Anyway, I saw a few chums from law school, and one I almost didn’t recognize, because she’s lost so much weight since school.  I seriously thought she looked GREAT.  I asked her what her secret was…and she basically said she detoxed from law school.  She had gained 40 pounds during law school!

(While, I don’t think I’ve gained quite that much, I’ve definitely expanded myself.)

I just googled to see if law school shortens one’s life.  I have to believe there’s a study out there of occupations and whether they add to or shorten a life span…surely?  Anyway, my hypothesis is that law school shortens it.  It can age you.  It has aged me (and let’s face it, no one really signs up to eagerly accelerate the aging process).

In about 2 weeks, I’m hoping this bar exam insanity is behind me, so I can really focus on me again.  Like–exercise.  Like–eating better.  Like–just having some fun.

With that, I’m back to studying fiduciary duties…right. Now.

p.s. Happy Valentine’s Day – especially to the single cats!

The 411 on JD:Esq. and PharmD:R.Ph.

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

I got asked this today at work by some of my physician assistant colleagues, so I thought I’d explain it here for the masses.  (Some of you of course already know this – but just in case you don’t…)

Someone who graduated and successfully completed law school earned a doctor of jurisprudence.  That’s a JD for short.  However, in order to practice law, each JD (except I think in maybe one state – lucky ducks!*) you have to successfully pass a bar exam.  Once you pass the bar and you’re sworn in, you’re licensed officially and an “Esquire,” or Esq. for short.  So, you can have a JD without being an Esquire – but you can’t practice law without the Esq.

Same deal with pharmacy.  You can go to pharmacy school and earn a doctor of pharmacy, PharmD.  But, you still have to pass a board exam, NAPLEX, and most states also require a law exam, MPJE.*  Once you’ve passed the NAPLEX and the state’s law exam for pharmacy law, you become licensed with the state as a “Registered Pharmacist,” or RPh for short.  So, you can have a PharmD without being a Registered Pharmacist, but you can’t practice pharmacy without the RPh.

The (great) thing about pharmacy school is that it actually prepares you pretty well for the NAPLEX and law exams–you’ve learned all that content somewhere in the curriculum at some point during pharmacy school.

The (bad) thing about law school is that it does a pretty lousy job at preparing for the bar exam.  As a health concentration and intellectual property junkie in law school school, I can personally attest to this.  And, to show you how poor the overlap is, below is the content that will be on the bar exam, and I’ll show you whether or not I actually TOOK that course content while I was in law school–ready?

Contracts/Sales/UCC – yes, but 4+ years ago now.  It’s 1L.
Constitutional Law – yes, 3+ years ago now.
Evidence – yes, 2+ years ago now. (BTW – least favorite class of law school, maybe next to Civ Pro – see “Trial Practice” below.)
Property – yes, 3+ years ago now.
Criminal Law – yes, 3.5+ years ago now.
Criminal Procedure – nope – never took this.
Torts – yes, 4ish years ago now.

So basically, all the federal law stuff above I either took at the beginning of law school (and I’ve slept since then), which I began in 2008, or didn’t take at all.

Next, we have the following topics on the Indiana portion of the bar exam – did I take these?

Pleading & Practice – No.  I took Civil Procedure my 1L year, but that was Federal law – not Indiana state law.  DIFFERENT. Next…
Agency, Partnership, Sole Proprietorships – Yes.  Although, it wasn’t Indiana law – it was Closely Held Business Orgs.
Corporations – Not really – Unless Mergers & Acquisitions count…?
Family Law – Actually took this, and they actually did teach some Indiana Law in it – but it was several years ago.
IN Constitutional Law – Nope.
Secured Transactions – Nada.
Negotiable Instruments – Zero.
Federal Income Tax – No. Way. (Pretty much anything that had “tax” in the description I completely AVOIDED in law school.)
Administrative Law – Yes, at the federal level – no at the IN state level.
Personal Property – Nope.
Wills, Trusts, Probate – Uhm, I took Trusts and Estates several years ago. Had NOTHING to do with probate, and not much if any Indiana Law.
Estate and Gift Tax – No.
IN State Tax – No.

So, what DID I take in law school?  Well, a lot of classes relevant to me as a pharmacist – health care reimbursement, antitrust in HC, HC financing, bioethics, research on humans, law and public health, etc.  Oh – and, let’s not forget my other passion – intellectual property (patents, copyright and trademarks) – super relevant to me as both a business owner and writer.

Guess how much healthcare law and intellectual property law are on the bar?

Yup! ZERO.

I’m here to make no excuses, and I’m heading right back to studying after this post before I fall asleep to some instructor’s voice over my computer from my bar review course (yes, I’m hoping I can study in my sleep.)

I’m just here to first and foremost educate – and secondly suggest, that perhaps it IS time to rethink the law school/bar exam process.  There’s a pretty big disconnect here, folks.  Time for some disruptive change, methinks.

*Disclaimer:  Every state is different, OK?  I’m talking Indiana here – you’ll need to look at your state’s rules if you live elsewhere. Oh, but the lucky duck non-bar-exam-taking-law-students?  They’re in Wisconsin.

p.s. and, ironically today I was quoted in the Indiana Lawyer talking pharmacy law.  #WorldsCollide

Careful…Somebody’s Watching You

Saturday, February 9th, 2013

I tell myself that if I study hard for 30-40 minutes straight, I get a break.  Like–go clean out the closet.  Or better yet, surf on over to Pinterest and feed my pindiction!

This pin caught my eye this week.  (And I know you can see it, my 13 fans, because I’m quite sure you’re all on Pinterest, because you’re cool like that.)  It made me chuckle a little, especially this past week when I gave a talk on entrepreneurship and also made a brief appearance over at the IIB (thanks to Team Gerry et al for dragging me out of my bar exam/work/repeat hole I’ve been down since January 1st.)

I connected with some new potential friends, and reconnected with a few from my past.  My point?  I wasn’t really expecting any of them to show up.  But they did.

I also saw a few of my friends really struggling out there this week.  Roadblocks, obstacles, general administrative malaise, you name it.  We all have our struggles du jour – mine just happens to be remembering what the differences are between Summary Judgment and Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings under the Indiana Trial Rules right now.

My point?  My friends, stay strong.  You never know when someone is watching and needs the energy. They need to see you struggle through it, so they in turn know THEY can get through whatever their roadblocks are at the moment.  Stay fierce.  Keep moving forward.  And remember: someone out there’s watching.  You just never know quite when…

I Wanna Be…In Pharmacy

Monday, February 4th, 2013

I rarely post about pharmacy here…I like to keep it more as an outlet for writing, reading, and my other shenanigans.  However, props must be paid from an article that recently came out from one of the pharmacy organizations I am part of – the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP).

In their quarterly publication about academic pharmacy–Academic Pharmacy Now–you’ll see a fascinating story on the cover about engaging the NEXT generation into the profession of pharmacy.  I was THRILLED to have Butler part of that story as well, because Butler’s student senior children’s book project from 2012, Pharmacy and Me, was part of that article.  But as I read, what I found more interesting overall, two items:

1. Pharmacy is high on interest right now as a profession – Yay! But…

2. I’m frightened to think about how much pressure the next generation of students have on themselves to quickly ascertain what they want to do for the rest. Of. Their. Lives!  (That sounds so…definite.)

I’m here to advocate for pharmacy, because I think it not only is a cool profession, yes, but more important, I think (now more than ever), there are a LOT of different things one can do with a pharmacy degree.  Like–write books.  Like–be an entrepreneur.  Like–help shape healthcare reform and policy.   Like–help people live longer, healthier lives.  Like–improve public health. But, choosing a college degree and a program that is time consuming and expensive is a LOT to decide so early in your life.  It’s a daunting task, and with colleges increasing costs so much, an expensive choice to make.

Look, if you’re a kid reading this post on some fluke, if you’re thinking of pharmacy as what you want to study in college–I say, go for it.  Just keep in mind that nothing is forever, and everything is how you make it.  WHATEVER degree you pursue, it’s still all up to you what you do with it.

So choose your own adventure, and keep an open mind. (And thanks in advance for your consideration of pharmacy.  It’s a good choice to consider.)

And thanks to AACP for giving Butler the shout out!



Rocket Fuel Collection, Gasoline, and Torches

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

According to CEO of OgilvyOne, there are 3 career phases, aforementioned (despite them seemingly sounding rather violent).  First phase (10-15 years) is collecting rocket fuel.  You are figuring your profession out, and taking on fuel in order to sustain your career over the long haul (which, coincidentally the CEO says is much, much longer than we all think.)

Phase 2 is the “gasoline on the strengths” phase.  I think this might be where I am (although I’m caught between stages with the different education I’ve earned…not sure this is quite so simple).  Regardless – he argues that in this phase, you know who you are, you know your strengths, it’s just time to work those strengths out and completely maximize them.  You have to be outstanding at some core-strength of your career.

I’ll let you read about stage 3 on your own – don’t want to give it all away.  However, I’ve been thinking about stages 1 and 2 since I read the article first thing this morning.

Where’s the bit about people who are constantly learning new things in order to carry them over to their first professions?  What about those who take on an entirely different profession to help enhance the first profession?  What about those with multiple careers?  All that is missing here, and I find that a bit…disturbing.

But, I shall continue to move forward, and I’ll go ahead and try to pour some more gasoline on my strengths–focus on the future, maximizing current opportunities, collecting ideas and debating them, and keep moving forward.

In the meantime, I challenge all of us to not think too simply about our careers – I think they’re much more complicated than just 3 phases anymore.  The world has become more complicated, and so must our skills to keep up with it.

The Power of…The Thank You Note

Friday, February 1st, 2013

It’s Friday night, but I just wrote 4 old-school-in-the-mail-thank you notes.

I was reminded of this today.

When was the last time YOU kicked it old school and thanked someone via snail mail?

It sets you apart. It’s rare these days.  Unfortunately.

Kind of sad.

Go.  Stop reading this and go thank someone with a hand-written thank you note.  Not only will you feel better, but you’ll make the world a better place by doing so.

If it makes you feel better, tell ‘em I sent you!