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Archive for November, 2013

Missed the #STEMPrincess Project on Kickstarter? Fear Not!

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

I’ve now received more than a handful of panicky emails from parents about the #STEMPrincess Project (my new children’s book entitled, The Amazing Adventures of the Princesses from Planet STEM.)  Mainly, that people missed the boat when it came to the Kickstarter campaign, they want books, where can they get them, etc.

With this post, let me address a few of the FAQs and issues around the book itself.

1. Q: Will the book be ready for Christmas 2013?

A: No. It’s not going to be out until 1Q14. Clever parents, however, will have the backing of the project on paper as a stocking stuffer for their kids, and later on in the spring, Christmas will officially be spread out when they receive the books.  (Just saying!)  Even clever-er parents backed the project and put their kids’ names in the book as backers.  (How cool is that – to receive a book as a kid, with your own NAME in it in print?!?)

2. Q: Will I be able to buy the book on Amazon when it is available?

A: I thought long and hard about this, but the answer is – it depends.  If you want an eBook, then yes, it will eventually be available at Amazon via Kindle.  But–that’s going to be awhile after the book is first released–2Q14 at the earliest.  The book-book – the hardcover book – will NOT be available at Amazon.  Mainly because the publisher has a book fulfillment site where you’ll be able to purchase books, AND the fact that Amazon is robbing its authors blind by taking 70% right off the top of every book sold, I just couldn’t find it to go there…sorry.  But – you’ll still be able to purchase physical book-books at the publisher’s site.

Let me be clear, however, the people who will get the book-book FIRST will be backers of this project who pre-ordered and already supported this book.  So if you want to make sure you get the physical book, the best way is to back the project and pre-order books now.

3. Q: Where will I be able to get the book-book, then?

A: Right now, the best way to ensure you’re going to get an actual book is to back the project.  You still can and pre-order your copy (or copies) of the book.

4. Q: How do I pre-order the book-book?

A: Back at whatever level you’d like at $25 or more from Kickstarter (to get a physical book, the lowest backing level is $25).  Send your payment as a check or money order (made out to “Pharm, LLC”) via snail mail to  my PO Box – Erin Albert, Pharm, LLC, PO Box 335, Fishers, IN 46037 postmarked BEFORE December 31, 2013.*  In the new year, I’ll be cranking on getting the final version of the book to print, so I will no longer be able to process pre-orders.  Include the following with your check or money order:

a. Your name
b. (And what name you’d like listed in the physical book, because you’re a backer) – or you can state that you’d like to be listed as ‘anonymous’ in the book.
c. What address you’d like your physical book mailed to in the spring and
d. Your check or money order from whatever level of support you’d like at Kickstarter.  (Sorry, I can’t process credit cards here.)
e. The check or Money order needs to be made out to “Pharm, LLC.”

5. Q: What will the book retail for?

A: Eventually, when it will be available to the masses, the book-book will be around $15, and the ebook less.

6. Q: Where can I follow the project so I know when books are available?

A: The best place to follow the progress of the #STEMPrincess project is right here at the blog, of course – you can sign up for my updates on this page, and last but not least, the STEM Princess book Facebook page.

Fear not, amazing parents who want to educate your daughters (and sons) about STEM careers – here’s your last first chance to get on board and get the book in their hands as soon as possible!

*I cannot guarantee your name will be listed as a backer if I receive payments after December 31st, 2013.

Your New American Dream Is…?

Friday, November 29th, 2013

I’m sure I’m a hit globally (hahaha) – but this post is for my American homies…so if you’re reading this and OUS – my apologies.

One of the things I love to do around the holidays with a little extra downtime is read. (Shocker.)  I literally have two huge book bags boiling over with books I gathered from 2 different libraries over the past 3 days. (IN State library card = best $ spent all year!)

Anyway…I’ve been reading like a wild woman this week.  In particular, there are two books that I’ve been reading that I think are intertwined in my mind and worth sharing with you:

1. Rebecca Ryan’s newer book, ReGeneration – which basically talks about the hot (or rather cold) mess our country is in, and when the heck are we going to get out of it…and,

2. Secrets of Six-Figure Women, by Barbara Stanny – which I actually didn’t get from a library.  I received it from a friend as a gift.

What’s interesting is that both books challenge the reader to think about what her “dream” is – in terms of her work, calling, job, career, purpose – whatever you wish to call it, just in different ways. Ryan’s book goes so far as to provide a definition of the American Dream, via the “Annual Report of the White House Task Force on the Middle Class,” February 2010 (at least of the past – and you know how lawyers love a good clear definition!) Here it is:

1. To own a home
2. To own a car
3. To provide a college education for their kids
4. To be “secure” in their health (enjoy good health/have adequate healthcare)
5. To be “secure” in their retirement and
6. To take occasional family vacations.

(Paraphrased from Ryan’s book, at pgs. 85-86.)

In the other book, Stanny spends a lot of time getting women reading her book to understand how they feel about money – how they were raised to feel and think about money, and how to get over the negative hurdles around money in order to get to a six-figure income.  Part of that is discerning what is really important to us as individuals.

Here’s what I’m pondering:

What is the new American dream?

If I look through my own lens, let’s take the middle class example above first.  While I own my home, I also owe a lot on it via a thing called a “mortgage.”  I don’t like debt, mainly because debt is the opposite of freedom – it is restraining.  It narrows options when you have debt.  So, owning a house to me really isn’t some type of Shangri-La goal.

Second – I own my car – but cars are losers.  You drive off the lot with a new one and literally it devalues.  I don’t have kids, so #3 doesn’t apply.  Health is important, of course (and this one is probably holding back a TON of potential entrepreneurs from going for it), retirement is HUGELY important (since Gen X – my generation – will never see Social Security and/or Medicare), and I do like my occasional vacation – but I only have to pay for me.

Would I say that the old American dream middle class is my own American dream?  No. Some of it is irrelevant.  Some of it I already have but don’t really know if I even want (trust me, renting an apartment looks good when you need a new roof or a furnace).  And frankly, I aspire to be and do more than the 6 bullets outlined above.  While I appreciate that we in the U.S. have more than most in the world, that doesn’t necessarily translate to being happy, fulfilled or finding one’s purpose in life. Things don’t fulfill your deeper needs.

I don’t have a lot of answers here.  I just want to challenge you to think long and hard about what it is that really is your very own dream this holiday season, like I will.  You shouldn’t be working at this time of year as hard, and you’re going to be spending time with friends and family–the people who probably know you better than most (i.e. they know your strengths, weaknesses, passions and talents).  It’s a good time to pause and reflect not only on what you currently have, but a good time to pause and check if you’ve really got what you want, and if you’re working on what you really want if you don’t have it yet.

Maybe part of the problem of our country right now is the idea of the American Dream itself.  Maybe it is time to create a new American Dream–which is what I think Ryan argues in part, and what Stanny challenges us to find.  I know I will need to seek out a new version of the American Dream, because the old one above really isn’t completely relevant to me.

Something to ponder while you’re in that Turkey coma, or standing in line at the Black Friday checkouts…

28 Things I’m Thankful For

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Everybody’s doing it – listing off what they are thankful for – which is a GOOD thing.  So, here’s my list for the right-here-right-now.  Why 28?  Because some of my friends have been posting all month – and I should probably be able to come up with at least 28 things I’m thankful for, as I’ve had a great year, as I previously shared with you–super duper lucky, considering we are still in this economic funk of a country.


1. Y-O-U – Seriously – all 13 of you, the fans of this tiny blog.  Thanks for tuning in and following the madness, really.  It’s nice to know on occasion that someone is actually listening to what is posted here.  (Not to mention that fans also remind me of what I say and keep me honest.)  I appreciate the reality checks!

2. USPS – I cannot believe I’m about to say this, as I think I’d rather go to Chuck-E-Cheese and hang out on birthday party Saturday lunch than step into the fiery inferno that is my postal branch, but it’s true. I love snail mail.  Those who know me well also know I’m crazy about hand-written thank you notes–giving and receiving them.  I also just read some crazy stat like 7/10 Americans will open the hand-written note in their stack of mail before any other mail.  I think that’s cool, and maybe this stems from my pen pal days as a kid, but I hope snail mail never goes away.  It’s like Christmas and birthdays all tied up in a box outside your front door on a daily basis (minus the bills, of course…)

3. My family – For obvious reasons, they are the primordial ooze from which I flowed, and they of course keep me in line, much like my fab 13 fans… (Er, the ooze part kind of sounded like a backhanded compliment, but you know what I mean…)

4. My friends – Wow.  This year my friends really stepped up and helped out with several crazy ideas I tried – #STEMPrincess, #SMDames13, my new role in the day job at work, and so many others.  I’m so appreciative, because none of them would have been anywhere near as successful without their help. Special shout out to my entrepreneurial friends too – they rarely say no, and they are usually always first on board to help.  Thanks to them all! Another special shout out to the friends I FINALLY got a chance to see this year now that law school is over – THANK YOU for letting me reconnect with you and sorry I’ve been a lousy disconnected friend the past 5 years.

5. The Jeep – While I don’t love cars, there’s no ride sexier than one that is paid off!  Here’s to the Jeep lasting another year or so before I have to break down and buy another…that’s not $ I really want to drop.

6. The Indiana Bar – Thanks to the universe for finally getting me over the bar exam and back to my life.  Although, I’m still recovering from the crazy ride that was law school for the past 5 years.  And while I’m not really practicing law per se right now, I’m glad that I’m in and can move on to the next chapter of my life – whatever that may be…

7. The day job – The last 1.5 years at work have been hard – finishing law school, taking and passing the bar, and doing 1.5 jobs instead of just one was rough.  Thankfully, the day job granted me a sabbatical this fall so I could recharge my batteries.  I fully realize that others aren’t so lucky and have day jobs where sabbaticals are granted, but I’m appreciative that I had the chance to have some time to downshift, see the world, try some new things, and learn some new skills.  Stuff like Apps/Gaming/MOOCs/Crowdfunding and Social Media I had a shot at learning more about while away from the day job this fall, and for that, I think I will be a better teacher when I return in the spring.

8. My Co-workers at the day job – Who are covering for me while I’m away – AND giving me the downtime – THANK YOU.

9. My crazy cat, Jack – I now have someone to dance with! (Although, he HATES dancing.  Typical boy!)

10. Social Media – Everyone loves to dog social media these days – it’s stripping us of our privacy! It’s depressing us!  Society as we know it is falling apart!  Wrong.  I have the exact opposite experience from SM.  I’ve reconnected with friends from the past, and more importantly, moved my ideas, books and thoughts into a future state by talking to people through social media I would NEVER meet in the first world.  Through SM, I’ve had the luck to have work with reporters and writers at The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and locally in the media this year (mainly through Inside Indiana Business – thanks GD et al!).  I’m quite sure that it would be next to impossible to connect with national media from Indiana without SM.  One of my friends says that you can’t change the world from Indianapolis….but through the vehicle of SM, I beg to differ.

11. My iPhone – This may be a seemingly vapid choice; however, anything that can almost get me into two places at once is something that I value.  Time is money.  Time is also the one thing you never get back.  Now that we can access the internet, our email, our calendars and our world all from a tiny device that is the size of a deck of playing cards held in our paws is truly amazing, and for that I am extremely grateful.

12. My law school pals – One just moved away, which makes me sad…but I’m glad I met a great group of friends I’m sure I’ll have for life through the amazingly excruciating experience of law school.  (What’s that saying? In pleasure lies pain…?)  While I no longer see them every day, they remain in my thoughts.

13. My mentors – Those who set me straight.  Those who challenge me.  Those who I actually got to see this year and haven’t seen in several years, thanks for kicking my @$$.

14. My haters – Surprised?  I appreciate my haters – because the more haters you have, the more that you’re taking a stand and doing something right.  Gary Vaynerchuk says he respects his haters.  I think I’m with him on this – although I may not always agree with the haters, I appreciate that they have enough passion to stand up for something as well.  After all, wasn’t this country founded on the principles of debate, discussion, and sometimes, taking a stand for what you believe is right?  (See the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.  OK–not great examples, but you get the point.)

15-18. Chocolate. Wine. Coffee. Cheese. My quadfecta of loveliness.  Big wet kiss to the people or person who invented each of these amazingly tasty foodstuffs.

19-20. EU – The European Union (and Switzerland, for that matter, since CHE isn’t technically part of the EU) is still awesome when I visited this fall.  Thank you for being the EU, and allowing me the opportunity to leave the Midwest completely behind on occasion and experience something different.

21-23.  My lawyer. My bookkeeper. My tax preparer/accountant.  Glad they’re there to do what they do, so I don’t have to! (Dual entry. Really?!? Isn’t once enough?)

24-25. Books and Writers – If this surprises you, nice to meet you and thanks for coming to my blog!  We’ve clearly never met before.

26. My library card – My passport to edutainment and awesomeness.

27. Health – Which I think I finally got back after a nasty viral thingy I caught in the EU.  (Although, due in part to #15-18, I need to lose some weight – working on it, after the holidays…)

28. My sanity – While this one could be debatable depending upon whom you talk to, for the most part, my mental faculties are still here.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  And don’t forget to count your blessings.  We are all more blessed than we think at first blush…I’m glad we have a holiday that makes us pause to remember how truly blessed we are.

My Big, Hairy Goals for 2014

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Last year, (which I think I already shared with you, my fab 13), I decided not to write goals for 2013. It was really a trifecta of reasons why not–part experiment, part, “let’s see if Dan Pink is on to something and that there’s really no plan,” and part, “I’d rather not know what the year brings to me.”

Did it “work?”

I don’t know.  Yesterday, I created my annual holiday card (digitally – because it seems to be déclassé to send physical cards anymore), and I must confess, I had a kick @$$ year.  Without goals.  With taking what came at me.  What I said ‘yes’ to made it awesome, without necessarily having a plan around it.

Now, looking ahead to 2014, I’ve decided that I probably should write down some goals again (despite an awesome year this year without any goals on paper)…so I started going through my goals of years past, as all the futurists are telling me that I have to go back twice as far to see half as much time into the future.

Goals of years past kind of crack me up.  First off, I never achieve ALL of the goals I put on paper (a girl has to stretch, right?) But I also love some of the non-traditional goals I have in my pile of goals from years past (which I keep in a very secure place).

Here’s one that is pretty lofty:

“Run my own multi-billion dollar multi-channel media company with the ability to give away more money than Oprah, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet combined to third world charities.”  Oh and on the same sheet, the equally ambitious: “Find a brilliant, sexy man that pledges his undying faith and devotion to me.”  (Anyone who knows me knows how well this one has worked out – ha!)

Hey–at least we’re not really thinking small around here.

I checked out another non traditional goal sheet, with a list of “ideals” – like ideal location.  I put, “Paris in summer, Arizona in winter,” with surroundings of “Lots of clever, eclectic people, bursting with fresh ideas and passionate about what they do,” and spending my days “creating and bringing positive ideas to life and making lasting change.”

While I’m still waiting on my multi-billion dollar multi-media conglomerate, brilliant sexy man, and my Paris apartment to show up – (hehehe) – I still think it’s good for a girl to have a few goals on paper.  Even though this year I didn’t.  But maybe I should.  I probably will for 2014.

Will you?

One. Great. Day.

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

I’m beat, admittedly – but we held #SMDames13 today–and wow.  All I can say was…it was awesome. It was one of the best conferences I participated in, and one of the best projects I worked on during my sabbatical.  There were women there who were novices (myself included) in social media, all the way through to experts and rockstars in social media.  I learned a ton.  I also learned a ton about not only social media, but how to run a meeting from my co-pilot on this adventure, Ms. Amy Stark.

Above all, I forged some great new relationships–and equally important, connected with some people in the first world that I only had been connected to in the social media world previously.  There definitely were George-Costanza-worlds-colliding-moments for me today, but I’m really glad – it was a day full of beautiful connecting moments.

I’m getting ready to relax and fall into a deep, (hopefully restful) sleep – and I’m going to start reading a book, Almost Isn’t Good Enough, that my new friend Dana M. Nelson gave me at the conference today.  Her hash tag and story at the event was #YouMatter.  She reminded us that even though we’re all awesome, that we need to give each other props and remind each other that we’re awesome.  We still need to hear it.

So, my 13 fans of this blog – I’m here to thank you for watching, and know that you matter.  You’re awesome.  And of all things, it took a conference on digital media to remind me that, at the end of the day, we’re all just social creatures, and that we all matter.

My Beef…With Books

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

I love to read.

Not shocking, considering I love to write and pretty much talk about books here all the time.  But, in the past, I would say that my number one gift to others–were books.

That is, I love(d) to give books.

Not so much anymore.  I’ll tell you why.

It’s almost impossible to get books anymore.  The choices to obtain a book as a gift include: 1. going to a bookstore (if you’re lucky enough to still have one near you) and banging your head against the wall when you get there and discover they don’t HAVE the book you wanted to buy (either for yourself or as a gift). Or, 2. buy it online.

Great! So what’s the problem, Albert?!?

Several things.

First, you can’t find the physical book you want, so you have to wait to get it shipped to you.  Then, if the person you’re giving the book to lives away, you get to stick it in the mail again.  (I like to inscribe my books in most cases rather than just shipping them directly to the person receiving them–I roll old school.)

Next, I’m starting to notice that a lot of books are ONLY available electronically (and hey, as an author, I get it…a few of my titles happen to fall into this category.)  So…if you’ve got a good eBook you want to share with a friend, how exactly, do you easily and legally do that?  “Gifting” ebooks are a problem – what, if any, gadget does the person have to read eBooks?  You can’t inscribe eBooks either.  (Another mess for authors who want to autograph their books, but I again digress…)

The final problem just happened to me this week: I was reading a book (Like a Virgin, by Sir Richard Branson), and there’s ONE mini chapter in it I’d like to gift to a friend.  The friend isn’t an entrepreneur, so s/he isn’t going to care about 98% of the book.  But, they may care very, very much about the 2% of the book I want to send them.  But, I can’t send an electronic PART of a book legally (at least that I know of…).

If we can put a man on the moon, surely we can figure out how to legally gift chapters or “tracks” of books, just like we can with music, to friends?!?  I can buy Lady Gaga’s track Venus off ArtPop without buying the entire album, but I can’t buy a mini chapter in Branson’s book and gift it to someone who could actually change something in a positive way based upon the arguments he makes in his book in this chapter?!?)

I’m beginning to see why when I ask young people what the last book was that they read, I get blank stares.  Reading books hasn’t gotten easier.  It’s actually gotten more complicated…sigh…

Now I don’t like to complain without offering solutions.  One I think is the espresso book machine.  Unfortunately, Indiana doesn’t have one.  Hopefully, your state does.

There are several other issues I have with the book selling and publishing industries as a writer too, but I won’t bore you with those today.  Let’s keep the conversation on the side of gifts here only.  Get it together, dear book sellers–you’re killing my book gifting mojo!

p.s. Just AFTER I wrote this post, I read this article in Forbes on book books outselling eBooks this year.  Duh – I know why, for the main reason that I gifted more books than bought them for myself!


Using the Force of the Internet

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

I was a kid of the late 70s and early 80s, so I always go back to Star Wars analogies when pushed – this post will be no exception.

Obviously, I’ve got a lot of social media on the brain right now, T minus 2 days and counting before #SMDames13 (which, by the way, I cannot wait until)!  Social media, and the internet in general are tools that can be used just like the force in Star Wars – for good or evil.

One thing I know for sure: neither is going away any time soon.  As one of my (law) mentors told me (of all professionals–one doesn’t think of lawyers as on the cutting edge of anything electronic), “you might as well own it, rather than it owning you.” She’s so right!

This is how important I think reaching out and utilizing these channels have become: that I’m actually putting together a course proposal for Social Media and Healthcare.  I think it is time.  For several reasons–namely that there are finally some decent books out on the subject, but more importantly, to my law mentor’s point: we need to start owning our social media presence, or it will own us.  So, if working on #SMDames13 has taught me anything, it has taught me that we ALL need to start paying attention to who we are online, as much as who we are offline.  There’s now, effectively, two of us out there running around–one offline, and one online!

I’ll leave you on this social media/internet big idea with a little story: through the power of the internet, I just reached out and sent a quick thank you to the author of Kickstarter for Dummies, which was a quick yet effective little read I did prior to and during my own Kickstarter campaign for #STEMPrincess.  Not only did she reply, but she posted this kudos on her blog.  The moral of the story: guess who has the power to make someone’s day through social media and/or the internet?

Yup, Y-O-U.  So what are you waiting for?  If you’ve found or used something in the last 5 days that someone else wrote or published or put out there to share, have you thanked them for their help?  If not, why not?

You have the power to make someone’s day through the force – take advantage of it.  Luke did.  So can we!

The Train To Awesometown Really Does Go Through Suckville–ALL ABOARD!

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

To the fab 13 regular readers of my tiny little blog – you already heard me say this, but I said it again today in our local paper - that the train to Awesometown really does go through Suckville.  That is, (especially for my sisters out there on this one), we have to embrace sucking at everything before we master it.  Rarely, if ever, do we naturally become excellent at something without a lot of hard work and dedication to whatever it is we truly want to master right out of the gate.

And, while I’m no grande dame at social media, it’s an excellent example of a tour through to Awesometown that’s happening next week, between myself (a social media neophyte) and some sisters of Indiana REALLY rocking social media as part of #SMDames13!  I’m REALLY pumped about this event, because I think it will help ALL women of Indiana start sharing their stories on (somewhat intimidating) social media channels moving forward.  And when women in a state only make between 59-64 cents of what men make per dollar, the only way we’re going to get closer to closing the pay gap is by showing women what other women are already rocking, and how to get there.

That being said, I certainly did NOT create #SMDames13 solo – it was put together by many amazing women and sponsors locally – including my partner in crime on this event, Ms. Amy Stark of Stark ReAlity Check, and our awesome advisory council full of women already doing a bajillion things, including rocking social media – Tiffany Benedict Berkson of Historic Indianapolis, Crystal Grave of Snappening, Dana M. Nelson, a rockstar and educator in social media, and Lorraine Ball of Roundpeg.

Next, our sponsors who also helped us make this event possible–we could NOT have done this without you!

Stark ReAlity Check - Amy’s amazing company, of course!
Miles Printing on Plastics – a Certified Woman Owned Business Enterprise with the city of Indianapolis AND the state of Indiana!
Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick – who continues to be PRO women in the state of Indiana!
Jacquie’s Gourmet Catering – who will be sharing her own story on immigrating to the US at our event!
Just Pop In – sharing with our dames popcorn flavored with Hoosier Mama’s Bloody Mary Mix!
Ever Film Productions
Faith Blackwell Photography
U-Relish Farm
Indy Boomer Magazine and
Real Scene TV
Ruby Law

Last, but certainly not least – I have to thank the 50+ women who dared to sign up for this inaugural event.  Our 18 speakers will be awesome, but we couldn’t have started this shindig without our brave audience.  (We are, by the way, on a waitlist for tickets – but we are dedicated to having a full house and will move women up on this list should anyone cancel…)

The holidays are launching even more special than ever this year – because we’re hosting this event next Thursday.  I can’t think of a better time to have this event as well – I’m so grateful that all these amazing people are willing to step up and help the women of Indiana share their stories with the universe.  THANKS TO ALL – and see you 11/21/13! vs. Medicare Part D Rollouts

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

I need to speak to the healthcare geeks out there for a minute (so if you’re not in HC, my apologies. However, in this era, who isn’t involved in HC?)

Anyway, this happened a couple of weeks ago when Sebelius was getting grilled by the Finance Committee (the first time) and I happened to be watching it on CSPAN. (I know, I’m seeking professional help for my CSPAN addiction.)

One of the more astute congressmen compared the rollout of and the exchanges to Medicare Part D.  (For those of you who aren’t elderly and forgot about that rollout a few years ago, it’s the part of Medicare that focuses on drugs for elderly patients.)  The astute congressperson noted that the rollout of was a “F” on the grading scale, but the Medicare Part D rollout was much cleaner, easier and reasonable for Medicare patients.


Well, there are a ton of reasons why, but I’ll give you my very biased opinion on why the Medicare Part D rollout was a much better success.  In a word?  PHARMACISTS.  The pharmacists were originally involved in helping patients wade through different Part D plans to arrive at the best options for patients.

Where have the pharmacists been for’s rollout?

Nowhere.  They’re NOT involved.

So, Secretary Sebelius, and Mr. President, I respectfully suggest that NEXT time you roll out a complex, confusing and downright painful new national healthcare plan or set of laws, you may want to go back in history and examine what actually WORKED in healthcare.  For Part D, that was pharmacist involvement. (And, I won’t even touch the reports I saw on convicted felons being potentially involved in helping patients choose a plan with Oops. Too late.)  Trust me when I say that you screwed up a lot of things on this one, but you involving the pharmacists would have taken some of the pain out of this one….

To my pharmacist brothers and sisters out there: stay strong!

#SMDames13, George Costanza, and Writing

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Even though it’s snowed again, things here are always heating up!

Cheesy analogies aside, this week, my primary focus is for #SMDames13 – a first event I’m co-piloting with the amazing Social Media Dame, Amy Stark, which will be 11/21/13 and appears to be…sold out.  But, this is a good thing, because we need to get more women in Indiana sharing their stories on social media channels – something that women are grossly lacking in representation in our state (unlike the rest of the country).  I’m looking forward to this conference next week–to share and learn from 15+ amazing women in Indiana already rocking certain social media channels.

Second, I get to play George Costanza today – and mash up my worlds.  My worlds will be colliding between a new world I experienced last week (with ADC/GDCNext) and my old and first world of pharmacy.  That’s all I can say about that matter for now.

Third, I’ll be working on the new book.  If you backed the #STEMPrincess project, BTW, and haven’t sent me what name you’d like in the book as a backer, I’d really appreciate the info, as I’m starting to put the finishing touches on the final copy for the book.