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Archive for August, 2016

Upvote and Help the STEM Princesses Make it to SXSW17!

Monday, August 8th, 2016
Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 5.27.36 PM

STEM Princesses are packing it up for SXSW 2017 – the only part missing is YOUR UPVOTE to get them there!


Ok, let the craziness begin! From now (8/8/16) until 9/2/16, I need all hands on deck to help me get the #STEMPrincesses over to SXSW17 this year, and get the children’s book projects to SXSWedu.

This is where you come in, my fab 14! A big chunk of weeding through the thousands of proposals and actually presenting at SXSW is having a good online turnout of upvotes.

So, I’d like to ask you, sometime between now and 9/2, if you’ve even received a SHRED of decent help or advice from this blog or my talks or books over the past decade, please do me a HUGE SOLID and upvote these two discussions over at the SXSW panel picker:

1. Upvote The STEM Princess Project:

2. Upvote The Children’s book series:

3. If you want to go the distance, tweet or post your friends to do the same. I owe you one if you can help me with this, really!  We’ve really got to get the ideas in these children’s books out into a wider audience, because YOU CAN BE WHAT YOU CAN SEE!!!! THANKS, everyone!

Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Sunday, August 7th, 2016

In your current day job, do you know how to do EVERYTHING that you do STONE COLD, 100% all-the-way?  Could you do your job blindfolded, with one hand tied behind your back?

If so, then you should be afraid.  VERY AFRAID.

The only thing that keeps us advancing our skills and becoming more valuable in the marketplace these days is constant, continuous learning.  So, are you learning in your day job?

Even if you have your current job 80% mastered or more…you really should think about how you can move into another direction and start gaining more knowledge. Quickly.

If not, think about the best buggy whip manufacturer of the past.  Or typewriter maker.  Or quill producer.  I’m sure they were great at what they did, but I’m also sure that 99% of them went out of business.

The new comfort is being uncomfortable.  Get cozy with the growth and learning and being OK with saying, “I don’t know, but I’ll find out.” Because if you’re too comfortable, you’ll be the best quill, buggy whip or typewriter maker of 2016…


Connect Where YOU’d Like!

Sunday, August 7th, 2016

Where would you like to connect?  I’m making this post just for my email footer (AKA the mini bill board) so we can connect in ways that are meaningful for YOU!  Ready?

Myers and Stauffer the first 4 days per week:
Co-host of the Pharmacy Podcast:
Pharmacy Times/Pharmacy Careers Column:
Inside Indiana Business:
Snail mail: PO Box 335, Fishers, IN 46038 (my favorite)

Other social media connection points:

Twitter: @ErinLAlbert @pharmllc @yuspie
Hash Tags I believe in: #STEMPrincess #Multipationals #SMDames16
Anchor: @ErinLAlbert
Snapchat: @ea6603 (I freely admit that I have no idea what I’m doing here…)

EM Forester said, “Only connect!” I liked his style.

Another Educational Angle for Pharmacists: Teaching and Learning Certificates

Sunday, August 7th, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 9.39.42 AMAs I continue the #5RoadsOutofRetailPharmacy series for the Pharmacy Podcast, one item on education I didn’t even think of right away that might be useful (without a 5 figure price tag), is a teaching or teaching and learning certificate program.

These were originally designed for residents and fellows to learn to how to…shockingly, teach and formalize learning for other pharmacy students, in preparation for the residents to teach in the classroom and outside the classroom as a preceptor.

However, there is value in all pharmacists considering these programs to enhance their knowledge and skill sets.

So, I have begun tracking the teaching and learning certificate programs that I am aware of on the pharmacist and healthcare certifications tracker.  Scroll all the way down to the bottom and you’ll see a few.  If you know of others, by all means, tweet me at @ErinLAlbert and I’ll add them to the list.

It’s About to Get Obnoxious Up in Here…

Friday, August 5th, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 8.32.19 AM…she’s on her STEM princess bandwagon again….(not that she ever stepped off).

But my friends, I’m about to get obnoxious with my asks this coming month, but I’m also going to  need YOUR help from 8/8-9/2.  I’m trying to get the #STEMPrincess project in to SXSWedu in 2017.

SX, if you are not familiar, is the holy grail of cool meetings.  Apps are usually kicked off there.  Authors give away advanced copies of their NEXT book projects at this event.  It’s the FUTURE, TODAY – which you all know I LOVE to be in the middle of!

So, in order to weave through the morass of 4600 other panels submitted for talks at SXSW, I’m going to call on you, my Fab 14 friends, to help me VOTE and spread the word on the Panel Picker for SXSW with the STEM Princess project!

Help Erin Get the STEM Princesses to SXSW17:

Step one: You have to register with SXSW in order to be able to vote.  Here’s where to register.

Second: I’ll send links to the 2 panel pickers I’ve submitted and put them in this post when I have them. Here they are:


Third: VOTE. Voting my the crew counts for 30% of the final decision on getting selected.  So I’m really, REALLY going to need your help in stepping up here.

Fourth: SPREAD THE WORD.  If you vote, then I’m going to ask you to pass it on to 3 other friends to have them vote.  The only way we’re going to get girls talking STEM at SX is to create the only presence NOW.

That’s it for now.  But I’ll go ahead and apologize in advance for the posts/tweets and groveling between 8/8-9/2.  Remember–I’m doing it for the NEXT generation of girls to turn into STEM rockstars.  Even though the bandwagon may be loud and squeaky, YOU CAN BE WHAT YOU CAN SEE!

An Analysis of…Bossing Me Around…

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 9.21.38 PM

So, tonight, for the first time, I took a peek at the back end of my boss me around portal.  (I’ll be closing it at the end of the weekend - so hurry and don’t miss out on this rare opportunity! Those who know me well also know I rarely ever open the suggestion box like this!)



Here are my observations thus far on the feedback from the form:

1. Wow.  Didn’t know so many of you actually watched what was going on over here!  I’ll go ahead and up the number of 13 fans to the fab 14 now…I think that number is safe to elevate.  And people I haven’t ever even met have left super thoughtful, inspiring comments.  Thank you!

2. For all of you who told me to relax: uh…why do you think I removed one gig?  That IS relaxing!
P.S. Alberts have two speeds: 1. ON and 2. OFF.  Yoga don’t go for this girl.  Tried it–and I freely admit, I can’t shut the monkey mind up.  I’ll continue coping.

(But the ‘meet me for coffee and a donut’ sounds good!)

3. For the person who wanted me to download and test the sports app–seriously?  (I’ll chalk this one up to spam.)

4. Thanks for the book and podcast suggestions. I’ll see what I can do.

Top ideas or topics to write about:

a. Time management is a topic you all want me to write about.  Hmm…I really don’t think about that one much, but maybe I should, since several of you mentioned it.  But, let me also just say that I don’t have a ‘regular adult life’ in this regard, either.  I’m not married.  I don’t have kids.  And, I have the rare help at home with my parents.  So, I’m not sure I can clearly be an authority figure on this, since I don’t fit the traditional ‘adult’ mold here.  (Although, I’m not quite sure there’s even a traditional adult mold anymore, either.)  If you’re married and juggle kids, GOD BLESS YOU, because that’s not something I do on a regular basis and not a level of time management I can speak to with any level of authority, so I’m not sure I’m the best person to rock this whole time management thing…? Hmm.

b. The other topic along these lines – work/life balance.  Here’s my thought on this: there is no balance.  You give your energy to the stuff that matters to you at the point in time you need to, period.  If that’s your family in the moment, then that is your focus.  If that’s your work, then work is your focus.  Balance is BS.  To think that it all “balances” out like a teeter totter is ridiculous.  Deal. (Yes, I’m tough love over here.)

c. Last, hard work and success.  Yeah, this one I could probably write about – in that while I don’t really feel “successful,” (at least not yet), I can and do work hard.  Although, a couple of my mentors have now mentioned that I work TOO hard.

That’s lovely in theory, but I also feel like women have to work twice as hard to get half the credit that men do in work and in life.  There, I said it.  So, I will continue to hustle and grind it out over here, because I’m a single woman.  It’s all on me–and if it’s to be, it’s all and only up to me.

Also, there’s a lot of wantpreneurs running around out there trying to make it look easy on social.  Look–of all the difficult things I’ve done in my life, one of the top 3 still to this day is starting a business, I just do it on the side, and I’ve owned my businesses for over a decade now!  Making things happen and building something from nothing is really hard, stressful and difficult work.  The highs are exhilarating, and the lows are SSRI-grabbing.  This is why so much of my writing has focused on real entrepreneurs, BECAUSE it’s so hard–and we should be CELEBRATING these hustlers!

Hard work, duly noted.  Success? Maybe later.

(BTW – still looking for 3 great stories with pharmacists in these situations for the podcast…if you can help a girl out.)

5.  In closing, I’ll leave you with my favorite quote left on the boss me around page, which is the following:

“I really enjoyed working with you at Butler. They are losing an awesome and overly productive professor ;). I wish you the best of luck! I can’t wait to see what comes of your new adventure.”

Adventure it already is…and will be over the coming months.

Stay tuned…and thanks again for all the comments. (Except the sports app.)