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Archive for December, 2017

Jar of Awesome

Sunday, December 31st, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 1.42.40 PMIn the Year of Our Lord 2017, I did something I’ve never done before. I set up a Jar of Awesome. During the year, when I had really cool stuff happen, or wins, or just loved something in my day, I put it on a post-it note and stuck it in the jar. I wanted to try this not only to remember all the cool stuff that happened, but to also be able to pause and appreciate it and the people in it at the end of the year.

Today was the day that I went through the post-its. There are hundreds of them, and all contain a great fond memory of the year.  I also sent out thanks to the people who showed up in the jar again today, to wish them a happy new year, and to thank them for being a part of the best hits of my 2017.

There’s a lot of hate, crap and garbage in the world. Just turn on any news channel and you can watch the vitriol 24/7/365. That’s why I think it’s really important to collect the good stuff. The wins. The people who really go out of their way to help you throughout the year, because we rarely talk about the good–the fun–the wins–the making the world a better place stuff.  This was my hope for the jar of awesome, and today I unveiled the good stuff one more time before moving on to 2018.

Think about finding a jar of your own for 2018 awesomeness, maybe? It was one of my better experiments, and one I’m going to try again in 2018.

Pet Projects that Feed Your Soul

Friday, December 29th, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 11.08.54 AM‘Tis the season to reflect. I’m still doing just that here. And I’ve already done this to some extent – I know, but I wanted to think about my favorites today.

I read an article this morning about reviewing what pet projects you worked on during the year. These aren’t work projects – they are just projects that you volunteered to do – that you didn’t get paid to do, and that most importantly, fed your soul.

Here are some of mine during 2017 that stuck with me through the year. I’m recording these to share, but I’m also recording them for me, my fab 14 – so I don’t forget them and the energy they brought, so I can focus on these (or this type of) stuff for 2018.

1. #HealthCarDev – This, the Healthcare Career Development Unconference, was probably my favorite new event conjured up in 2017. It was an unconference of 20 amazing women sharing their stories on career development to a nearly sold out crowd in Indy. It was also the #1 topic our HBA IN audience wanted to hear about in 2017, so it was an honor to develop a creative venue by which to share stories and education and create a win-win for all.

2. #PurpleSocks – I love the ability to honor people in creative ways – the people who I admire, who do great work, and who often go unnoticed. That’s why it was fab to create a new award this year – through purple socks – to honor those who did a ton of work with HBA and HBA Indiana this year. And, even some who didn’t work with us directly, but who we love and admire in healthcare, HIT, and life sciences, from a distance. That, and designing custom socks was something I could never have predicted would be something I did.

3. #STEMPrincess Water Stewardship Badges – This technically was in 2016 and 17, but I loved creating and working with the Girl Scouts of Hamilton County to create something just for the Brownie troop on water stewardship with Waverly from the children’s book series. This will be fun to do even more of in the future.

4. #SMDames17 - I’ve been part of #SMDames since the beginning with Amy Stark, which is actually 5 years ago now. It’s truly been an honor to help women learn how to share their stories on and through social media, and I look forward to helping Amy grow this franchise over time. (BTW, she and I will Facebook Live tomorrow (Dec 30) from 1 pm eastern on – you may want to join us at the SM Dames page on Facebook in advance and watch us share what we discovered in 2017 and what we see coming for 2018.)

5. Mentoring Women/Collaboration with a Mentor – this one has several parts -

a. the 2017 book I co-wrote and published with one of my mentors – Dr. Borst and I had a great time on this project together.

b. co-presenting with one of my mentors on big data and ethics at Indy Big Data and ASPL – thank you, Valita Fredland for the opportunity to share the stage with you on this important topic – twice!

c. Mentoring the fellow and students at the day job – Dr. Steinbach has branched out in a new direction this year – but we’re glad to have had her in our fold upon graduation this year. Also, love working with students.

d. #Manbassadors – LOVED putting together, intentionally, an all male panel who discussed nothing but how to promote, sponsor and mentor women in healthcare and life sciences.

e. Mentoring at SXSW – Discussed crowdfunding, entrepreneurship, and STEM at a conference that not only was on the bucket list, but also was my TRIBE of peeps!

6. Overall NFP work with ASPL and HBA IN – I’m officially done 12/31 with both of these responsibilities – and had fun trying new experiments with both organizations and helping them get their names out there.

7. Social & earned media – Had a lot of fun sharing all the projects above and more with and through social and earned media – and most important, bringing other women and men along with me to discuss projects through traditional and earned media. Special shout out to all the parties who gave us a shot at these.

These were some of my favorites this year. What were yours? Take a few minutes and reflect. Tear apart, dissect and go through your year and figure out what your hi-light reel would include. It’s important – so you can carry some of that energy into 2018 and keep the momentum going!



Happy Jolabokaflod

Sunday, December 24th, 2017

2017bookfloodHappy Jolabokaflod!  I think I’ve written about this Icelandic tradition here before, but since another one is upon us, and it combines some of my favorite things (hello, books and chocolate), I thought I’d write about it again and share with you what I’ll be reading today (and yes, I’m taking the day off.)

Ever since I’ve been a kid – I’ve had my nose in a book. I’ll also never forget that time I was on my way to Paris, and the drunk truck driver who sat next to me on the plane reported to his friend on his cell phone that there was, “a bookworm back here.” Yeah. That’s me. (And not exactly my fantasy seat mate on the way to one of the most romantic cities in the world – story of my life! LOL!)

Anyway, you can read all about Iceland’s book flood tradition here, or just run a quick google search and presto – you’ll see all about it.  For my own book flood, I have a pile from the library that I chose for myself (on the left here) and a pile on the right – books that were given to me, or that I bought for myself.

The library books are what I call brain candy – trashy novels, light stuff, and Hallmark in a book, basically. The books on the right are serious, related to work, entrepreneurship, and STEM.

Regardless – I love this tradition, and plan on making it a habit moving forward. I’d invite you to as well. One of the best moments of this holiday season for me was going to a bookstore and seeing how busy it was the week before Christmas.

My faith in humanity has been restored!


18 Things We Need Less of and More of in 2018

Sunday, December 17th, 2017

18 Things The World Needs Less of in 2018:

1. Hate & haters
2. Political gridlock
3. Celebrities who do nothing, except be celebrities
4. Predators – and those who cover up for them
5. Strip malls
6. #FakeNews
7. Multitasking
8. Bad airline travel experiences
9. Time at work
10. Stress
11. Non biodegradable glitter
12. Confusing personal income tax systems and rules
13. Identity thefts
14. Culture of being too busy for anything
15. Societal pressure to live up to someone else’s standards other than one’s own
16. Bad TV
17. Pollution
18. Finger-pointing, name-calling, and censorship

18 Things The World Needs More of in 2018:

1. Love
2. Women (and Men) who lead with integrity
3. Books. Always. More. Books.
4. Open minds
5. Independent entrepreneurs with creative ideas to share and spread
6. #GoodNews
7. Presence at the present moment
8. Flexibility – when it comes to work, jobs and economic development
9. Time with friends and family
10. Peace
11. Biodegradable glitter
12. Privacy
13. Time for more things that matter
14. High Fives
15. Hugs
16. Main stream media with content that matters
17. Personal responsibility
18. Rainbows, unicorns and happiness.

2017 Goals: A Breakdown & Analysis

Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at 1.44.25 PMIn December, ’tis the season to work on goals for the following year.

I am of the old school, in that if you don’t write down a goal, it really doesn’t exist, and therefore, the chance of it coming to fruition is random to zero.

Also, I’m also a huge hater of those whom I call “Big Hat, No Cattle” – AKA, those who are all talk, and zero action to back it up. Do you have this type of person in your life? If I find them in mine, they get dismissed…quickly. What drives me nuts about BHNC people is that if they’d channel 10% of that hot air into actually finishing what they keep talking about, it would be done! As a doer, this drives. Me. Insane.

Thus, for all these reasons, I write down my goals. I never want to be the big hat, no cattle person. Ever.

So, before I move to 2018, I have to look at the goals I wrote for 2017 and analyze what worked and what did not.

In an analysis of my 2017 goals today, I only hit about 64% of them this year. Not my best year, candidly – that’s a D- in many classrooms. (Vulnerability point, especially for a recovering professor.) But, I can state with conviction that of the goals I was crystal clear about, I definitely had a higher percentage of success than those that were more fuzzy.

Where I definitely won:
-Money – savings, maxing retirement – the more clear you get on these, the better. Although, I constantly am concerned that I won’t have enough at retirement – since that thing called a ‘pension’ is nowhere in my life. I don’t even know if Social Security will be around by the time I ever (if I even) retire.
-Non profit work – I completed 100% of the goals in one non profit arena I served in during 2017, and 75% in another. Not too shabby. I also exceeded many goals for both of these experiences.
-Travel, Speaking and Meetings – I got to many of the places I wanted to go this year (including SXSW, which was a bucket lister for me), Scotland, and several others that weren’t on the New Year’s Resolutions list, like BlogHer, podcasting at a couple of conferences, and HIMSS. The only place I didn’t get to that I really wanted to go this year was Prague. Maybe someday.

Where I partially won:
-Books – got 2 of the 5 I wanted to get done done this year. Well, 1.75 right now. Book 2 will be done soon! The thing with my books is that they’re in a cue of topics. I just keep going through that list, and realize that the most I’ve ever realistically done is about 2-3 per year. The point is that I keep a cue here.

Where I epically failed:
-How much time do you have? Lol, seriously – my fab 14 knows that failure and I are tight, and this year was certainly no exception. While I’m candidly not comfortable sharing all my epic failures here in this public venue (not to mention boring you with a long drawn out dissertation on all of them), I’ll share a couple – like health.

Working out 150 minutes a week was a goal of mine, which was an utter failure. But I start over every week and try. Thirty minutes is my goal. Some days I get there, and most days I don’t.

There were at least 3 other major areas of my life that I completely crapped out in this year. One was education – it’s really starting to bug me that I don’t have my PhD. (I know, I know! But at least I admit it.) But I’m still exploring this. And maybe I just need to get over and realize that my subsequent/future education may only come from the institute of the school of hard knocks moving forward – AKA the real world…rather than an accredited institution of higher learning.

I’ll spare you from the other two big fails. But, I can tell you that I’ll definitely be working on at least one of these two other epic failures again in 2018. The other I may just chuck, as it just may not be for me. I haven’t quite decided yet.  Need a little more reflection.

In the meantime, I invite you to reflect on your own year too. Ask yourself:

  • What rocked?
  • What worked?
  • What was the biggest fail?

This is the powerful stuff that can lead you to plotting out an even better 2018, which is my wish for all fourteen of you.



Library Stack

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

Tonight, I’m floating through my stack of library books, as many of them will be due soon. I’m reading Amanda Palmer’s book, The Art of Asking, and Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Habits.

Notes to self:

1. If I do happen to get a significant other again some day, try Neil’s trick on page 39 in Amanda’s book.

2. From High Performance Habits, name your 3 best words in a day to describe you in your best state:

1. Creative
2. Autonomous or Independent (tie)
3. Free.


2017 – Other Cool Stuff & People to Thank

Monday, December 11th, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 6.45.11 AMBeyond the blog posts, long posts, and Medium, there’s a lot of other really cool opportunities that came my way this year. In this post, I’d like to celebrate all the amazing people and companies below who invited me to collaborate, talk about my work and/or share knowledge this year:


The S(He) Says Guide to Mentoring (2017) with Dr. David Borst

-Single Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Years Later and #STEMPrincess4 in 2018 – God willing!

Pharmacy Times/Careers Columns:

Medical Affairs: A Growing Career Path

Midyear Managed

Continuing Your Formal Education After Your PharmD

The Future of Pharmacy: Working from Home

Top Certifications & Designations to Enhance Your Pharmacy Career


SXSW – mentoring in 2017 – thanks for this bucket list opportunity!

Wharton Reimagine Education Awards – judge – thank you for the chance to see what’s coming in education.

Book Interviews:

Zorich, G. Entrepreneurs in Pharmacy and Other Leaders. Outskirts Press, 2017.

Kratz, J. One: How Male Allies Support Women for Gender Equality. Niche Pressworks, 2017. 

Book Reviews:

Voci, E. Resilience Art: A Grief Coloring Book Using Ritual and Music to Help You Grow, Mascot Books, 2017. In Press.


Social Media Stupidity - Abdul Hakim-Shabazz - Indy Politics

HIMSS: Intrepid Healthcare Podcast – Joe Lavelle

Get Social Health – Janet Kennedy

Your Working Life – Caroline Dowd Higgins

Pharmacy Podcasts in 2017 - and wow. So many great guests to thank!


IBJ Woman of Influence 2017

The Corner of the Court

On the Dot Woman

Drug Topics: Dealing with Stress in the Pharmacy

Confronting Gender Parity

Do What You Desire

Inside Indiana Business – Segment on Health with Barbara Lewis – HBA

Original Event Content:

Inaugural Pharmacy Law & Ethics Educators’ Benchmarking Survey Results – ASPL (Journal write up coming soon in 2018)

Ethical Use of Big Data – IndyBigData and ASPL – with Valita Fredland

Manbassadors – HBA IN

#HealthCarDev – HBA IN

#PurpleSocks Awards – HBA IN

Op Eds:

The Somewhere Between 4-40 Hr Work Week – Inside Indiana Business

Hitting the Half Year Reset Button in 5 Steps – Inside Indiana Business

6 Practical & Positive Post Conference Practices – Inside Indiana Business

8 Great Places to Connect in Indiana Healthcare, HIT and STEM – IIB/Biocrossroads Life Sciences Quarterly

Free Tools that (Almost) Get You in Two Places at Once – Inside Indiana Business

Thank you one and all for an amazing year, riddled with a ton of really amazing opportunities – I am grateful!

Top 5 Posts of 2017 –

Sunday, December 10th, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 7.41.58 AMApparently, I have a few more than 13 fans. Or, just 13 fans all over the world hitting the site more than once.

According to Google Analytics of this site (which has changed significantly, and which I’m not really digging on the changes, but that’s a post for another day), I had visitors in 2017 to this tiny blog from all 50 states, and a few places OUS.

Awesome. Thanks!

And, I love the film High Fidelity, and I grew up on stuff like Billboard and David Letterman, so a solid top 5/10 list I. Dig. I did one over at LinkedIn on my long posts there for 2017 (some of which overlap here, some of which do not.) And, pharmacy podcast network was kind enough to put out their top 10 list of 2017, of which many of my co-hosted episodes took prizes in the top 10.  (Thanks there to Dr. Soliman of ACMA, Dr. Safran of InfoSAGE, Jacob Morgan, and the option of interviewing myself on the episodes that made it into the top spots.) I always knew I had a face for radio! And, I ran the #best9 on my instagram channel: photo is here. There are several people to thank around projects and the photos that garnered many likes. I am thankful for you all!

Last but not least, I wanted to check and see what posts resonated with you, my fab 13, at this tiny blog during 2017. Below are the best, again according to Google.

5. How to be a Podcast Guest Superstar – Glad some found this helpful. If you really want to be a rock star guest on podcasts, make it EASY for the host to schedule and work with you. I can definitely see a difference between the professionals who understand and ‘get’ how podcasting really works as guests, and those who are novices. Hopefully this post helped with a few podcasting guest virgins out there!

4. HIMSS 2017: You’re Doing it Right – I really tried hard to bring along the fab 13 with me this year to all the meetings I attended. And, being a HIMSS virgin, I wanted to share this absolutely OVERWHELMING convention with the masses. I really enjoyed learning from the HIT crew, meeting some rock stars for the first time f2f (like @Mandibpro and @Nickisnpdx). I think organizers of HIMSS did a phenomenal job with their social media ambassador crew – all event conference and meeting planners should take a cue from them to maximize their impact online! With the #STEMPrincess saga continuing in 2018, I’m super glad I know more homies in informatics/big data too – I’ll be back!

3. What color is your side hustle? 2018 Edition – This was a post over at LI too. I’m glad you’re all reading up on this, as I continue to study it. Forty percent of us are going to be working for ourselves in just 2 short years from now, according to all the stats, so are we preparing for this coming radical change? YOU are, because you’re smart like that. And, in 2018, SWE3 is coming – and several of the gals in this book are still side-hustling it!

2. SXSW recap - 2017 was the year I FINALLY got to SXSW to speak. This was epic, because this event was a bucket list must do item before I die kind of thing. I’m so appreciative to the organizers in Austin for this opportunity. And, I wanted to share what I learned at the meeting – so I podcasted about it. I’m glad you all went on this journey with me! Best bit: I’ve been invited to return to SXSW 18 – so I’ll be back!

1. Hitting the Half Year Reset Button – This one did really well over at LinkedIn too, since they picked it up and broadcasted it wider. As I read it, I realize that it’s great to try twice a year, quarterly, or even monthly if you’re super ambitious. I already subconsciously did it on one item for the new year that has been bubbling in the back of my brain for years now, and the more I think about the idea, the more I like it, so I’m taking the next step on it.

As always, I am totally floored and amazed when people say that they read this tiny blog. It’s kind of cool, however, because it’s like they dig into my brain and reach some of the better stuff. THANK YOU for stopping by in 2017 or in years past, and let’s all make it a point to completely OWN 2018 with our own voices, ideas, and posts/blogs/books. Cheers!

Pharmacy Schools: It’s Time for an Extreme Makeover. But How?

Sunday, December 10th, 2017

pharmacyFriends, Romans, Pharmacykind: Lend me your ears. For I am about to get on my soapbox and pontificate about…pharmacy schools. (That, and I’m avoiding editing galley 1 of my next book tonight. Writing for me always trumps editing.)

So…pharmacy schools these days. A lot of conversations about them and what they teach of late, I have had (not to get too Yoda). And now that I’m on the outside of them and only educating as a preceptor, I think it’s time to drop what I think we should consider for schools of pharmacy. The following are my opinions and mine alone, but I don’t think I’m alone in a lot of what I’m about to say; it’s just that others in pharmacy may not be as opinionated as I am, or as overt about it. But, I’m going out on my own with these ideas. Here we go.

I think it’s time for an extreme makeover of pharmacy schools.

What do I mean by this? Well, I’ll outline below 5 areas that I think need attention IMMEDIATELY in US schools of pharmacy.

The remainder of this article is archived and available online here.


A Clean 2018: 1 Tool to Create Your Best New Year

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

This past week, I spent time in New York City with one of my favorite entrepreneurial authors, Dorie Clark. We had a mastermind group for clarifying what we want to do in 2018. The timing of this mastermind was spot on, as I’m also thinking about how to maximize my 2018 right now.

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 8.56.19 AM

Also, in the past, I’ve sent out similar holiday cards to my network and friends to help inspire them to write and think about their own new year coming. While some people really trash New Year’s Resolutions and goals, I am in the opposite camp. If you can’t dream, visualize and articulate your best year beforehand, how will you ever arrive? As a coach, I’m a fan of getting people to write down and visualize their goals as well, because as I’ve shared before, the universe has a funny way of fetching what we want and need when we hang the intentions and desires out there on the hook of life.

While I only had a couple hundred physical postcards made up this year for my holiday card list, I really ideally wanted to share my holiday card with everyone in my network, which fortunately or unfortunately is too big now to send to all.

But, thanks to digital and the internet, here is part of my holiday card, which is a tool that I hope will help you think about your own new year, and in turn create a best case scene for you and your circles moving forward.

It’s down below visually for you, and I’ll also put it on Slideshare over here so you can download it too.

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 8.34.55 AM

I wish each and everyone reading this post a very merry holiday season, and happy new year. Let’s get out the cleaners, scrub up on our visions of what we love and want more of in our lives, help the universe clearly see what we want for the new year, and make our best 2018 squeaky clean!