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Twas the Night of a Big Debacle

I just spent 45 minutes wranging the site without much success, so I’m primed and pumped to talk about a big mess that could become an even bigger one this evening by a vote from Congress: healthcare.

First off, if it takes me 45 minutes to try and submit an online application for a copyright of a book, how long is it going to take the federal government to fix my healthcare?  Here’s a hint: it is not going to be fast, and probably not cost effective either.  (BTW, in case you were wondering, I lost the battle and submitted an entire tree’s worth of paperwork offline to the copyright office.  I couldn’t figure out how to create a password for the site.  I have 3.5 degrees and I couldn’t figure it out…so I wonder what type of rocket scientist it does take to create a successful password on the site? I digress.)  The proposed bill that will be voted upon tonight – where are we getting the $ to pay for this?  No one knows.  Heck, no one has even READ the bill they’re voting on tonight – because it would take YEARS to get through.

The only entity I’d like further away from my healthcare beyond my employer is the federal government. Healthcare should be private.  We pay for our own car insurance, life insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and as I’ve ranted before, the last entity that should be forced to pay for my healthcare is my employer….now with one exception – I really don’t want the federal government in my healthcare either.

While preventative care (one appt per year for me) might be a fundamental right in other countries and perhaps should be in this country, I’m not so sure healthcare should be a ‘right’ beyond that.  If I don’t take care of myself physically, eat whatever I want, smoke, and don’t exercise, why is my employer forced to pay for my bad habits?  And, why should the government be bailing my bad habits out by supporting my medical care? Have we not yet had enough bailouts in this country thus far?

Canada’s system isn’t so great either.  A lot of people who are on the wait list for procedures come to the states to get care instead of waiting.  The other option beyond waiting in some cases?  Death.  That’s so…permanent.

Where the government should be focusing is the providers and insurers.  How much profit is too much for healthcare insurers?  Should they be posting record profits and lobbying Congress with millions and billions of dollars in their own interests?  This leads to a fundamental question: should companies even profit at all off of healthcare?

While I certainly don’t have all the answers, I do know this: that if we pass a healthcare bill tonight, I shudder to think about the outcome.  If the online system is any indication of the healthcare system to come, I’m not only shuddering, I’m frightened….for all of us…

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