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Read My Pearls and Rock the Pins

Today I was going to wear a pin.  Like Madeleine.  Madeleine Albright.  I had the chance to see her live at my alma mater tonight.

Instead, I wore pearls.

Anyway, she was fantastic as I expected her to be.  Best question of the night was posed by a 10 year old in the audience, who asked her how many languages she spoke.  (In case you were wondering, the answer is 5.) Besides that, she fielded a lot of questions about being a mom/wife/secretary of state and ‘balance’ – along with being the first woman in the role.  She replied that women have ‘guilt’ as their middle name.

The other thing she said (which I will try to not butcher by paraphrasing) was this: There is a lot of room for mediocre men in the world, but no room for mediocre women.  That feels so true sometimes.

I have nothing else to say about the talk, other than the place was packed, she did a great job, and political parties aside, I respect her deeply for going before us and paving a path that we as younger women sometimes take for granted.

To the women who have gone before us – THANK YOU for making our path so much easier!  While we still have a long way to go, whether we choose to wear pins or pearls, Madeleine shows us that possibilities can be endless if we just work hard and love what we do.  She’s a rockstar!

p.s. – Yes, she wore a pin!  It was a diamond studded heart.  She rocked that pin!

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