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An American Girl in China, cont.: Living in the Future

As I traded skype IMs with a friend of mine this morning (5:13 am Monday morning), I realized Indiana is still on Sunday–at 5:13 PM.  I always wanted to live in the future, and now I get the chance!

Today in our China law comparative course, we are going to learn about Constitutional Law and Criminal Procedure.  Here are some interesting articles I already read in their constitution, which I think the US could learn from:

1. Citizens of China have a right AND A DUTY to work.  I seriously doubt their government is paying its people to not work.  Interesting.

2.  They use the word “organ” a lot to describe their government–and that the ultimate power lies with the people.  The central government is just an “organ” of the people’s power.

And now back to the cultural piece – a few of the students on the trip were bold enough to try scorpion yesterday.  I unfortunately was stuck in my hotel room writing a paper – but later at dinner, I asked what it tasted like.  One of the students replied, “like a greasy crunchy potato chip”.

Not sure I’ll be trying the scorpion!

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