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What is Breakfast?: An American Girl in China, cont.

For four consecutive mornings now, I’ve been feasting on Chinese breakfast.  It is VASTLY different from ours.  Here’s what I eat: boiled egg, bean sprouts, seaweed, cauliflower (one of the best things!) and hot soy milk.  There are a few breads on the bar that are almost sweet.  No bacon.  No syrup.  NO blueberry pancakes.  And the biggest atrocity of all?  NO COFFEE.  I haven’t had coffee for four days.  Yet, interestingly enough, the world hasn’t managed to fall apart just yet.

We’re thinking about seeking out a close McDonald’s to break it up.

Oh, and just read Hillary is here, and our Lt. Gov. is coming to Beijing too.  I’ve never been quite this cool, nor have I ever been jonsing this hard for a cup of Dunkin Donuts regular roast.


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