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Getting My Something Back: An American Girl in China, cont.

Stella got her groove back.  Elizabeth Gilbert got her Eat, Pray, Love on.  Now, this week, I’m reading Getting the Pretty Back, by Molly Ringwald.  And I can totally relate to it, as not only did I grow up with Molly and her era, but she also talks in her book about how to celebrate one’s 40th birthday with style and grace – something I’ll be pondering very soon.  In fact, I’ll be pondering it one year from now, as this week, I will celebrate my last birthday within my 30s.  (But don’t tell anyone.  I will consider it our little secret, even though I feel there is a conspiracy underfoot to exploit it here in Beijing…but I digress…)

Let’s see – oh yeah.  I’m in Beijing.  Had our first class yesterday, and here’s some of the interesting stuff I learned!

1.  The legislative branch over here (the NPC) not only makes the rules, but they interpret the rules too, and their interpretation trumps courts’ interpretation. 

2.  Attorney client privilege?  Yeah, that really doesn’t seem to happen over here like it does in the states.  Do yourself a favor when visiting China – STAY out of trouble!

3.  Our second Professor, Prof. He, not only has written law school textbooks and been on TV, but he’s also written 5 crime novels and had them published in Chinese and French!  AWESOME!  

4.  I learned what a celestial burial is, and that some areas of the country still do it here, because the soil is so rocky they can’t bury the dead.

5.  The foundation for their law is harmony, which comes from Confucious.  They enjoy settling stuff via mediation and arbitration, rather than litigation.  That isn’t all bad in my book.

Today, we are headed to the National People’s Congress, or the NPC.  The NPC in the PRC today.  (I sense a rap coming on around all these acronyms…)  This is their national Congress, with a big C.  Should be a super fun birthday treat!

Gettin’ my Pretty Back in the NPC in the PRC…

Rapper I am not.

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