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The 48 Hour Birthday: An American Girl in China, cont.

So, if you’re into birthdays, I highly recommend flying to the other side of the world to celebrate it, because you technically get a 48 hour rather than 24 hour birthday.  You get the pals who came along with you to wish you happy birthday first, then your friends and family in the states get to wish you another happy birthday all over again the following day.  Pretty cool…except for the getting old part.

We were all craving a bit of home last night, and I barely can believe it myself, but we found  a TGI Fridays and celebrated with real wine and cake!  Also found a mall.  One gal of our party (who is absolutely hilarious) said “I’m proud to be an American!” and I have to say I agree with her.  While it is lovely to travel and explore other cultures and countries, it is also fantastical to find something that ties you to home, even if it is in the form of a beautiful western hotel with a seemingly non distinct chain home restaurant, which many of us (myself included) take for granted when at home.  We really didn’t want to leave the hotel the restaurant was in last night, either.  I could have definitely had a hotel California moment.

Anyway, turning 29 again in a different country half way around the world was fun.  It had wine.  It had cake.  And, it had the best thing of all included too….friends, along with a dash of America!

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