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Capitalism in the Big C: An American Girl in China, cont.

After having survived my first week in China in tact, a group of us decided to wander via the subway over to the Silk Market in Beijing today.  We arrived after lunch and got our best bargain faces on for a solid 4 hours.  I watched as my younger counterpart/friend, I’ll call her – Shades, discover the fun of negotiating. 

If you don’t know much about the Silk Market, suffice it to say that nothing has a price tag, and EVERYTHING is negotiable.  As I watched Shades wheel and deal for her trinkets, and I walked away from many bad deals myself, I couldn’t help but think – this is capitalism at its very finest…in CHINA of all places!  Everyone as a vendor here wants to negotiate a deal, and not every buyer wants to buy everything, but some things they’re into more than others.  I was suddenly surrounded by–the art of the deal!

This week in the Indy media I’ve heard a LOT of banter about Indiana doing work with China – partnering with China, hosting conventions, etc.  All I can say is – if the world is like one big silk market, we, if we work with China, are not only in for some serious deals that could spur Indiana or US economic development, but also, and maybe equally important, maybe some fun too! 

Oh yea, and now, I have my 50 cent pearl earrings to PROVE IT!

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