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Memorial Day: An American Girl in China, cont.

Happy Memorial Day!

We’ve all been chatting while in China about our favorite holidays.  Some have said a resounding consistent answer: Memorial Day.  Why? Because it is the kick off to summer–and usually entails great American traditions like the Indianapolis 500 (Congrats to Dario, BTW), the 3 day weekend, and of course, grilling out.  However, the most important reason of all for Memorial Day being awesome is those who have fought and given their lives for the freedoms that we enjoy in the US.  The ability to start a business, or go to school–or just flat out chase and catch the American Dream.

This is what makes Memorial Day great – and even though we have to go to class today and there is no holiday in reality while I’m in Beijing, the party is already started in my head, and all the Americans who also love this holiday weekend.

Cheers! (And have an ice cold one, with or without ice, for the rest of us who can’t!)

ps – also, remember the old adage – “Beer before liquor, never sicker.  Liquor before beer, never fear” this holiday – as I forgot this one this weekend and paid a big price…enough said!

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