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Chasing and Tackling…Ideas

I was sitting in class this morning (yes, I have class on Saturday morning AGAIN this semester)…and had a GREAT idea for a new book!  I have about 3 other book ideas cooking too, so I have to decide which books I’m going to pursue first.  It came, admittedly, at a time when I should have been paying attention in class, but I think I was just so in my zone of hunting new ideas, I couldn’t believe this one just popped into my head while sitting in class.

Although I’ve never had kids, my guess is that picking a new book idea to pursue is kind of like picking your favorite kid, if you have more than one.  It’s a really tough call.  I’ve blogged about this a bit before–when you have a LOT of cool ideas, which one should you pursue first?  Or, can you really take on more than one idea at a time and pursue many ideas?

I don’t know.  Generally, I’ve felt that my books and writing must be nurtured independently and linearly, if that makes sense.  I tried starting on book 7 already a few months ago, but it fell by the wayside because of my obsession in getting book 6 completed.  With all the other aspects of life, it is tough for me to chase down more than one book simultaneously.

If you’re out there in the wonderful world of the wide web, and you’ve written a lot, I’d love to hear from you on how you handle multiple writing projects, and by projects, I mean books.  (Yes, I have a lot of ‘writing’ projects going on right now, but most don’t qualify as books.)  I think there’s something extra challenging to tackling a book vs. a peer reviewed piece or a law review note.  They aren’t as challenging, at least to me.

Good ideas, some say, are a dime a dozen.  However, I’ve always thought ideas were much more valuable than .10.  Ideas and thoughts can have the power to become things, at least in my experience.  Turning those thoughts into things is a very powerful and fun challenge, but which ones to tackle first….?

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