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EE = mc2

Today I had the pleasure of listening and learning more about one of my favorite subjects, entrepreneurial education.  I didn’t even have to travel anywhere – just in front of my laptop!  I attended a web conference of the Future of Entrepreneurship Education Summit, which technically is going on right now in Orlando, FL.  In fact, it is STILL going on!

Here’s some really cool stuff I learned and re-learned by watching today:

1.  HALF (yes, 50%) of the people employed in this country have a job in a small business.

2.  ALL (100%) of the people employed in this country have a job thanks to an entrepreneur! (This seems like a duh, but it was good to be reminded of this!)

3.  There are still NOT enough women in entrepreneurial platforms and venues.  The conference, while awesome today, just didn’t have enough women there actually talking about starting their own businesses.  Ladies, we’ve got some more work to do!

4.  Teaching entrepreneurship shows students what freedom can look like, AND gives them tools on how to be free, should they choose to try entrepreneurship.

5.  Entrepreneurship needs to be a cross-school and cross-campus cultural phenomenon.  NOT solely housed in the business school, and NOT accessible only to a handful of business majors.  ALL. Students. Need. This. Exposure.

The entrepreneurial mindset and culture is what is going to give the energy back to our country, not waiting for our entitlement to kick in and someone else hand us our jobs.  That is important to remember and VERY important to instill in our future generations.

I was inspired by this conference.  And, I hope I’ve inspired you to at least think about it.  Not everyone is made to be an entrepreneur, but I want to make sure that all of my students at least consider the question of – should I start a business?  A “no” well considered I consider a success.  And a “yes” – even better!!

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