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The Only Certain Thing

We’ve got legislators from Indiana hiding out in IL right now.  Wisconsin has the same.  Guess IL is the get away paradise for lawmakers that want to avoid their work these days.  We’ve also got union workers in both states showing up at statehouses demanding the status quo.  Gas is skyrocketing too.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, we’ve got people rising up against their leaders demanding democracy and some fairness for the people.

I saw a map of the United States the other day on someone’s blog made out of various words – like a US map word cloud – and the word that stuck on the most?  “Uncertain.”

The only thing one can really count on these days is uncertainty.  It is ubiquitous.  It is in the air we breathe around us.  But, at times like these, we get the chance to celebrate the good, the decent, the interesting, and the novel.

Today, Prof. Jeff Cornwall in his newsletter asked where all the women of entrepreneurship are, and you can read his newsletter here. I LOVED THIS!  Here’s why: that despite all the chaos, mayhem and uncertainty, there are women out there, starting and running businesses and getting. Things. Done. DESPITE the chaos around us.

I admire these women.  They provide some of the calm among the storm of our times.  I am grateful for them, and thankful that we have some people who dare to press onward, rather than giving up, doing nothing, and reverting.  The only thing worse than uncertainty, my friends, is apathy.  The women entrepreneurs I know simply don’t have this word in their vocabularies.


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