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Random Favorites at the Book Launch Party for Single. Women. Entrepreneurs.

Here they are, in random order, before I go to sleep and forget!

*Photos by Mike Barnhart and Sunshine Chris Rucker!
*Catering by Thyme for Food
*The women in the book who either wanted to join us and couldn’t, or those who did join us this evening!  We had women from California to DC join us!
*The PEOPLE – I was shocked by how many people at the party I didn’t know!
*The Flowers – LOVED the wristlets by lilly lane flowers!
*The amazing help – between the women at Butterfly Consignment, to the Mary Z. and her crew, to everyone who came early and helped out – you rock!
*To all the friends who came that I had not seen in a long time – thanks for coming!
*To all my super exhausted law school friends who gave up their Friday night to come out and support the party and the book, DESPITE being tired!

You. All. Rock!

Favorite question of the evening: “What’s your next book about?”

My favorite answer: “Just one…?”

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