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To the Vapid Man

I was going to keep my trap shut about this, but now that it’s in the blogosphere, I can’t do it.  Stand back. Here goes.

As a law student, most of us at the law school today received an anonymous email from one “Invisible Man.”  I’ll let you read this blog post, which includes parts of the letter.  Apparently he (or she) is uncomfortable with the portrayal of law students at IU Indy law (and a few other things, which I’ll leave alone for the moment).

The thing that frustrates me the most about this random anonymous note (aside from it being poorly written, I didn’t agree with most of it personally, and the fact that it is, totally anonymous) is that it focuses 100% on complaining, and 0% on how to actually suggest fixing the problem(s). I replied to said invisible person and told her/him that if all they learned in law school was to complain about problems rather than figure out how to solve them and provide some solutions, they didn’t get their money’s worth out of their education.  (Furthermore, this is the last person I’d want as my own lawyer…imagine hiring a lawyer to fix a problem, while instead he or she sits around and keeps complaining about it. #Fail.)

No school is 100% perfect, granted.  Higher ed has its issues just like every other major organization of any large size.  However, it honestly irks me to no end when people decide to complain (in this case, randomly and anonymously) rather than attempt to actually bring up the issue internally first, privately or publicly, in a venue where someone can actually do something to fix the problem and evolve toward some positive change.

Trust me, I’ve had my own issues that I’ve had to bring up, but I at least confronted them head on rather than hiding behind a random gmail account and hope that some national blogger would pick up on the story and run with it.  (Awesome to passively aggressively get someone else to pick up and run with the ball for you, Mr. Vapid.)

As for my current law school, I have zero problems with how it is being portrayed in their marketing materials.  In fact, I will be one of the students featured on the upcoming infamous law school video.  And, I can personally attest that they had a variety of students there – whatever demographic you wish to choose – younger, older, male, female, and yes, different races – including white males.

In conclusion to the Vapid Invisible Man – here’s some advice (since I’m about to practice what I preach and focus on fixing the problem): Instead of whining – why not instead focus on being the most awesome law student of all time and oh…yeah…worry about passing the bar? If you’re graduating in a couple of weeks, you’ve got bigger worries than who is on the banner at law school…

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