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The Bag O’ Tricks: Don’t Leave Home Without It

I tried to go to sleep early tonight due to finals beginning tomorrow, but you can see how well that’s working out….so I thought I’d share with you something I was reminded of today in class.

Today was a bit of a mixed bag for me – last day of classes for me as a teacher (sans one class with a final set of presentations next week.)  But in my entrepreneurship elective, I decided to finish the semester with Butler’s own grad, Dr. Katasha Butler, discussing her mixed career of FT pharmacist, PT entrepreneur.

One of the things she left the students with (and I completely agree, but forgot myself) was – ALWAYS have a bag of tricks with you.  She actually did a demo of it – she literally brought her bag up front and went through everything she has in it – reading material (books and magazines), thank you cards, her lap top, and the basic notion that you should ALWAYS have backup work with you as an entrepreneur, because time is the one thing you must learn how to maximize as an entrepreneur.

I thought this was brilliant, and I do it myself.  In fact, with law school, I’ve now been rolling my life around in a bag on wheels rather than breaking my back with my bag of tricks.

While I’m a little sad that the semester is almost over, I was happy that Dr. Butler reminded all of this, and I thought I’d do the same for you.  Prepare ye bag of tricks, and carry (or wheel) them with you wherever you go!

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