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Kick it Old School

Sometimes it is good to go old school.

Case in point: I’m insane about hand written thank you notes.  I’ve ranted about that here before.  I remember the last thank you note I received, and dude – it was awhile ago….but I remember (and thanks, Stephanie, you were the one who wrote it!)

If you have someone to thank (and we all do at several times throughout our day) – seriously – kick it old school and send a hand written note of thanks.  It takes a stamp, a card, and a little thoughtfulness, but every time in the mail I receive a handwritten thank you note, it carries MILES beyond an email thank you.  It is tangible.  It is also priority mail in my eyes (no, I don’t really enjoy opening bills or ripping up junk mail.)

I double dog dare you to write an old school thanks.  You never know how far it could take you!

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