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Two Scenarios: What To Do?

So, it seems of late I’ve been having this conversation a lot with friends, so I thought I’d post it to get the blogosphere thinking about it more.

Here’s the scenario: let’s say you are offered 2 jobs.  Job #1 is your “dream” job – 90% of it is stuff you LOVE to do, you are in your GROOVE doing it, and you can’t even believe you’re getting paid to do the stuff, because you LOVE IT SO MUCH!  You get tons of freedom and autonomy, and your ‘boss’ (we use that term loosely) actually totally digs your super creativity and lets you rock the house on your own!

But, the actual pay isn’t great for Job #1.  In fact, the pay is OK, but not rockstarian.

Now to Job #2: Job #2 is your “dream income” job – let’s say about 40-50% of the stuff you’d be doing is stuff you like and you can hack the rest, but you don’t get in your groove doing it.  BUT–the pay is AWESOME.  In fact, it pays TWICE what Job #1 pays.

Which one would you take?

It is an interesting question.

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