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Tornadic Activity

I was very lucky.  Today, I had a great day.  Had an article published in about the new book, had the chance to try and make a difference at one of the not for profits I serve, and watched a group of 5th year pharmacy students present in their last “classroom” class EVER before heading out to rotations–on business plans–in the entrepreneurship elective I teach at Butler.  A day full of entrepreneurial energy is always at the top of my list as a banner day.

However, there are a LOT of people out there who had a lousy day.  In fact, the people of the south of this country (Alabama, TN, and other places were tornadoes were in full effect yesterday and last evening) lost their homes, businesses, and in some case, their lives to the violence of mother nature.

I’m a little extra sensitive to their pain, because my own home growing up as a child was also destroyed by a Tornado about 10 years ago.  While my brother and I were already out into the working world by then, we were able to help my parents get moved into new living quarters and save most of their contents of the house before the real damage set in.  However, it was a process I wish upon NO FAMILY out there.  It, simply put, was horrible.

So, while I was very lucky to have a good day–others did not fare so well.  So, I’ll be saying a prayer for the families that lost in the awful weather of the last 48 hours…and I’m also going to make a donation to a charity that I think will help them.  I hope you might consider doing your part as well.  I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

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