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Commence the High Creative Season

Tis the season!

Law school spring finals are over (booyah!) and I find that my summers have become my high creative season.  In the past couple of years, I’ve started my new book projects during the summer, and also had the time to chase super cool new stretchy ways for me to learn how to do something new.

This summer is certainly no exception, and I think officially kicks off this weekend.  #Awesomeness!

Have and have had a couple of different book ideas stewing in my brain, but had a moment of clarity last week on what project I officially want to pursue next.  Also, going to try and focus some of my energy on my not for profit/volunteer work.  Of course, I have to take law school classes this summer too in order to stay on track, but I’m taking SHORT courses rather than dragging it out all summer.  Also will be doing some speaking gigs around entrepreneurship too–in and out of town.

So – book 8, super cool not for profit stuff, and a couple of writing contests thrown in the mix, along with…oh…I don’t know…maybe actually ENJOYING some of my down time?  God forbid.

I hope your high creative season is just around the corner like mine – I can’t WAIT to see what this summer brings!!!!!

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