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The Vault, Part Deux


I don’t think I’ve ever had so much conversation around one blog post ever. Guess I need to get uncomfortable more often!

Anyway, THANKS for all the replies, (mostly off the record) for the previous blog post on what to do with the person in your life that is in the vault.  First off, got a lot of great advice.  Discussed it at the pool tonight with a bunch of new friends, to which there was a range of possibilities:

1. Keep the reply, if at all, classy.
2. Educate the person on their previous foibles and set the record straight.
3. Do nothing.
4. Burn the bridge, and tell the person off!  Who needs em?!?
5. Passively aggressively derail the person.

I won’t tell which path I’ve decided to take, or even if I’ve decided officially what to do just yet (in order to protect the guilty) but this leads me to the second remarkable thing I discovered about my previous blog post today, which is: all my other friends who also have vaults, who is in them, and their fascinating, vaultastic stories!  Although, I’m bummed to learn some of the situations.

But, third, and most important result?  I had the chance to hear from friends today about this very post and reconnect with them.  So, while the vile-behaved-aforementioned-guilty-party did me the disservice of re-entering my life, the silver lining in this cloud is the energy they gave me to write these posts, and reconnect with old friends.  Some of my friends came out and said they hoped it wasn’t them.  TRUST ME, it’s not you.  Of the many friends, professional acquaintances, and connections I have, very very few end up in the vault.  Let me be clear: I am not a hater.

But for the infinitessimally small population who is…?  Well, guess I owe them a thank you for their vileness! Because of their shady energy, my day turned into awesome reconnections and conversations!

To the vile vault offenders: I thank you.  (But you’re still in the vault.)

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