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Bjork, Al Gore, and Why Law School Drives Me Crazy

What a trifecta this is – but stick with me here, this is going to be a good rant.

I figured out in class tonight why law school drives me nuts most of the time, and believe it or not, it occurred to me as I read last week’s Rolling Stone being sent around class.  I know what you’re thinking: a prof who actually passes Rolling Stone around in the classroom can’t be all bad, and you’re right.  BUT–what struck me about the magazine was an article in it on one of my favorites, Bjork, and her new…appalbumgameartvideo-thingy (Biophilia) she’s putting out for the iPad.

It’s not just an album anymore, peeps.  It is a constellation of experiences.

As I read, I totally wanted to know what type of agreement she struck with her “record” label on this one.  Game?  App development?  Music video and gaming all in one?  Boss!  But then, all I could remember was Al Gore’s new book as it appeared on TED, which is also interactive on the iPad…a vook?  I’m not sure what they officially call it.  Either way, they are each an experience.  Only thing missing is the scent, and that’s coming soon with the new TV. (Most artists already have their own scent, they’ve just got to pump it in to the end user…)

And now, to why law school drives me nuts: because we are constantly spending the majority of our time on…HISTORY.  Context.  What WAS.  As a futuristic person, I want to know WHAT WILL BE.  WHAT IS COMING.  THE FUTURE.  Better yet, how to harness what is coming and maximize it.  That’s for example what I want to know about around entertainment law–the convergence of books, video, music, movies and even games into ONE THING!  Dude, that’s where the money is!  It’s not spending hours talking about what the recording industry USED to do or what the traditional publishing industry traditionally did.  They’re on the ER table, they’re dying, and no amount of epi in the world is going to bring them back UNLESS they adapt to the future!

Law school (I thought) was about solving problems and coming up with solutions.  Therefore, if that is the case, we really need to focus less on the past and instead focus more on the future.  Yes, I know the counter argument you might be thinking, “the law traditionally takes a while to catch up.”  I’m here to say Bah Humbug!  That excuse might have cut it in the past, but guess what?  The United States of Awesome isn’t so awesome anymore, and part of that frankly is due to all the draconian laws we have on the books and the ‘historical’ focus our legal system holding us back with the excuse of “that’s the way things have always been done.”  That mentality is going to take us down.

So, I have a challenge for the legal industry (and for that matter, the entertainment industry as well): get on board with change, soon, and let’s take the best hits from the past and create a better future faster.  Bjork has.  Even Al Gore has.  So, WHY can’t the rest of us!?!

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