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Tell Us About Yourself…

I must confess, this isn’t the easiest question to answer in an interview – is it?  How does one articulate who they are?

It’s a toughie – especially for those entering the working world for the very first time, OR people who are in transition.  BUT–fear not!  Thanks to SheTaxi, they gave me a shot at sharing with you my 5 favorite tests to let you know who you are and share it with the universe.  Yes, you already know who you are, most likely, but the sharing part can be a challenge.

Even for the pharmacy students, this isn’t always the easiest question to tackle.  BUT–I hope it helps you figure out and explain (without getting the puppets out) who YOU are!  Because, my friends, that will get the crazy stuff out of the way and get you to what it is that you REALLY can do – make the world a better place, BECAUSE you can show us your best stuff!

Let’s keep it fierce and fabulous out there today, peeps!  Happy Monday.

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