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Free Condoms? There’s an App for That!

Now that I have your attention…

Had yet another crazy long Monday today (this class until 9:40 thing is a killer)!  BUT – made good progress in the team project for the Law & Public Health class I’m taking this semester.  We had to get in teams of 6 and give a 25 minute presentation on a public health topic.  Of course, being the (former) sex-and-women’s health educator, I thought it would be cool to look at the NYC free condom app and see if free condoms actually decrease STIs, and decrease cost burdens on health plans…?  Don’t know yet.  Stay tuned.

Prior to that, we took a quiz on the government.  I thought it was interesting, and came home and found more quizzes.  Linked are two – these should make you feel inspired to know thy government and dust off the civics class brain cells.  I spent the day looking for Schoolhouse Rock You Tube videos too (on I’m Just a Bill and the Three Rings).  Considering the college freshmen entering this year were born in 1993, I’m guessing few to none of them actually grew up on SHR like the rest of us.  Let it be said that Dr. Albert will attempt to bring cool retro-ness back into the classroom.  Boss.

Condoms, quizzes on civics, and Schoolhouse Rock.  This is my wacky life.  I’ll spare you the further details on my readings this week for law school which covered snakes, peyote, motorcycle helmets, photographs of art, prior authorization, and Rule 402 of evidence.  I’m off to bed now, so I can get up and live the crazy over again tomorrow.

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