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Word Bias

As both a (professional? It’s a stretch!) writer and a student of law, I’ve become very sensitive to words and their meanings.  (OK: I’m a word snob.  There, I said it.)  And, I’ve flat out developed a word bias.  If the pairs of words were to step into the ring and duke it out, I’d want the following to win:

job v. career: career, hands down, by a knock out.  “Job” comes from a term meaning “lump.” Who wants a job that’s a lump? Not I.

perfection v. good: I’m sure you already know the answer to this one: good.  The p word to me is like Voldemort: the word that must. Not. Be. Named.

small business v. entrepreneur: entrepreneur.  I hate the word “small” anywhere near business.  Business is business, period.  Bootstrapping or big, startup up or smart international conglomerate–keep the small out of it.  People who dare to start businesses think big.

Mac v. PC – as if you have to ask…? Mac.  RIP, Steve Jobs.  You almost made me available in two places at once with the iPhone.  And as I always say–once you have mac, you never go back.

Those are 4 examples, but they’re my biggest pet peeves.  That is all.  Thanks for your consideration.  And think about your own pet peeve pairings–and keep it lovely out there, peeps, by using your pick of the litter terms, ok?

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