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I heard this word the other day somewhere…was it online?  I can’t remember.  Yes, it was, and in a very ironic place, now that I think about it.  (I’m still caffeinating this morning.)  However, I think it happens to be a perfect (and you know I don’t bust out the p word unless it fits) word for this weekend.  (See definition #3.)   In my mind, the weekend went one way during the week.  It rocked.  It was smashing!  A-game!  Red carpets–peace, love and awesomeness, etc.  However, in reality, it just…well…hmm…let’s just say the rubber didn’t meet the road.  (See the aforementioned definition #3.)

However, in the car this morning, I was listening to the end of Jim Collins’ new book, Great By Choice, and he reminded me of something that I had forgotten.  Nietzsche said, “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.”  Collins talks in his book about the “10Xers” who literally can take really bad situations and not only reverse them, but make them epically even better in terms of results for a company.

As I also corrected some negative posts on Facebook from last night (eh hem…yes, even Dr. Albert has her not so stellar moments–which usually include higher levels of anticipointment), I stumbled upon a friend who also had Nietzche’s quote on her wall as well.  There are two hints from the universe, so I’m aware, awake, and listening.  Another friend texted to ask what he could do since I clearly was upset, to which I replied that I really have no one to blame but myself.  (BTW–I have awesome friends.)

So, accepting the responsibility for my mess, here’s what I’m going to do about it after hearing the message of the universe, rather than continue wallow in my own self-anticipointment: I’m going to try and channel Nietzche, Jim and my Facebook friends from this bad weekend and turn it into the fodder I’m going to need to carry my next week forward, in a ten and hundred-fold fashion.  Dig in, work even harder and get to the point where the anticipointment turns into a true reality that will be 1000-fold better than I could have even imagined in the first place!  Guess I’ll call that: anticiaweseomeness, maybe?!?  Works for me.  People will greet with smiles, hugs, and big hellos, the carpets will be red, and there will be enough PLUR to fill a bazillion raves.  Sign me up!

(That, and the other lesson I learned this weekend–note to self: maybe it is time to try and write some fiction, since things seem to be better in my head these days…)

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