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20 Things to START Doing

Read this post and liked it today about 30 things to STOP doing to yourself.  I’m going to work on 1, 4, and 14 over the coming year, methinks.

But instead, I do (honestly) try and focus on the positive.  So, here are 20 things for your consideration to START doing, either now, tomorrow, 2012, or just in the future in general:

1.  Do different things.  Do stuff you’ve NEVER done before.

2.  Do get out of your comfort zone.  Go to a new place, stretch yourself, set goals a little beyond reality.

3.  Do get around people who intimidate you.  They’ll stretch you and challenge you to think about your life in a bigger, bolder way.

4.  Do help people who love and appreciate you.  How many times have I put my energy into people who didn’t appreciate it?  A. Lot.  Don’t be like me.  If someone appreciates what you do for them, keep helping them.

5.  Do choose your friends wisely.  You are most like the 5 people you hang around the most.  Pick carefully.

6.  Do take a class.  You don’t need to go to Harvard and matriculate.  There are plenty of community classes that don’t lead to a degree per se, but can stretch your mind.

7.  Do love.  Trust me, after the craptacular week I’ve had, it’s easy to get on the negative. Don’t!  Love.  Talk about things and people and places you love, and the more you talk about love, the more you’re literally bringing the love back to you.

8.  Do focus.  It’s a really attention deficit society.  I’ve found myself talking to people I care about and tweeting at the same time.  I. Must. Stop.

9.  Do appreciate the past.  This time of year, I do tend to reflect upon my past year because I’m forced to (through the performance management cycle) but also to plan for the next year.  You must understand where you’ve been to stretch yourself into where you’re going.

10.  Do set direction for the future.  If you don’t know where you’d like to arrive at, the journey might be a little circuitous.  Make sure you have a general direction of where you’re going.  You don’t have to have a 2000 point checklist, just a general direction.

11.  Do appreciate the moment.  Live in the moment.  I’m trying to do this, it’s hard, but it really is important.

12.  Do work with others NOT like you.  This can be hard if you work for a big company, or have worked in the same arena for a long time.  But it is really important to try new projects around people who don’t do what you do.  Work with people you like, and worry less about the mechanics.  Have fun!

13.  Do read books.  Not just magazines.  Not just flipboard.  Read. Books.  Literature.  Tolstoy or Dickens, even!

14.  Do sing in the car and the shower.  Trust me on this one.  You’ll feel better.

15.  Do take some time for you.  Seriously.  You’ll be worthless to those around you if you don’t take care of yourself.

16.  Do be fierce.  If you know something is wrong, unjust, or just generally a hot mess, fix it.  Dare to fix it.  Be fierce.  Be bold.

17.  Do be the real you.  If you’re living a life that someone else wants you to live…?  STOP.  IMMEDIATELY.  You only get ONE life, so live your life the way YOU want to!

18.  Do rock.  If you’re going to do something, why not do it right and to the best of your ability?

19.  Do something ridiculous.  My crazy goal for 2012?  Oh, OK, I’ll share it with you, my eDozen, ’cause you’re cool like that.  I want to get on the board at  It may be ridiculous, but if I don’t try, I’ll always wonder.  What’s YOUR ridiculous goal for 2012?  I’m giving you permission to try it.  Now.  Immediately.  Stat.

20.  Do share.  Tell someone your wildest dreams.  When you tell someone, you make it real.  You share it with the universe.  It becomes that much closer to real.  And your wild dreams can’t come true unless you share them.  Thoughts become things.  Wanna share with me?  Then email me!  Share the crazy–I can’t wait to hear it!

There you have it! Twenty different things you can try.  You don’t even need to rock all 20.  Just pick 3.  Or 1.  Just try something on this list.  Please.  Thanks!

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