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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2011

Happy Boxing Day!

Here it is – the post you’ve been waiting for!

I can’t end the year without laying down the top 10 blog posts of this tiny little blog in 2011.  They are ranked by order of traffic and unique visitors.  Besides, here’s the great news: if you don’t read my blog frequently but want to see where all the action was on it for the entire year, all you have to do is check this one post out.  Booyah!

Ready? Set….go!

#10.  5 Leadership Lessons I’m Trying on for 2012 – Great!  And I’m digging that some of my most viewed blog posts are coming near the end of the year.  THANK YOU!!!

#9.  Tell us about yourself – not surprised on this one.  I LOVE IT when people discover more about the deepest, darkest, most surprising secret and mystery of all human existence: themselves!

#8.  Twenty things to START Doing – I’m going to really practice what I preach here in 2012…honest!  My friend Nicole Fiorella also posted this post at her site – thanks to her for doing so!

#7.  Word Bias - GOOD!  Let’s keep the word “small” the Hades away from business.  ANY business in my book is HUGE!

#6.  Anticipointment – all I can say about this post is: EVERYONE has a bad week now and then…myself included.  I had a bad week that week.  Really bad.  BUT–what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.  Ta!

#5.  It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.  Apparently I should be using more sports analogies…? Hmph.  Anyway, I like this sentence from that post as one of my favorite of the year about staying in the same place: “But that, in reality, isn’t always the best option for the change makers, the game changers, and those who truly want to keep moving forward in their lives.”  Keep moving forward, peeps!  (Oh, and my friend I mentioned in that post?  He moved on to a KILLER new job.  Good. For. Him!!!)

#4.  Driven, the Butler Way – Ironically, this post drove over to one of my other sites,, of course about my beloved Butler Bulldogs and the basketball tourney this year.  I love being a bulldog!

#3.  Calling in All Favors, For the Love of Andrea – Andrea was injured in the state fair stage collapse.  Although I never met her, I was HAPPY to call in favors and help spread the word on her recovery at request from a friend.  She’s still in recovery, and we are still thinking of her.  Follow her Facebook page to watch her recovery happen.

#2.  The Vault, Part Deux.  Dude, I don’t think I’ve ever had so many off and online comments about one post, EVER.  Apparently a lot of ya’ll have vaults too that you care to DISCUSS the management of!  This post sparked a lot of interesting conversation.  Props to ya.  Proper management of your vault is a MUST have.  (And yeah, the vile aforementioned who triggered the posts is still there.  And I’ve added some this year…and while it isn’t completely overcrowded just yet, the vault is still not a place you want to be…and it is still a very difficult place to escape.  You were warned.)

#1.  The most traffic on my blog during 2011 was:  To the Vapid Man.  This story got some national press, so I’m not surprised.  And I still think Mr. Vapid (aka “The Invisible Man” on his own email) should have come out from behind the gmail account and owned it instead of whining in anonymity.  Lesson on this one: if you see something wrong, get fierce, own it, and RIGHT IT!

That’s it!  The year in review via the blog posts.  You’re now officially caught up.  And to all who made this top 10 list possible – thank you again.  And BTW–this year I had some of the best web traffic I’ve ever had at this here tiny little blog.  I really appreciate your blogology-readership-patronage, awesomeness, and inspiration!!!!

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