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Tribes for 2012

Jim Rohn said: you are like the 5 people you spend the most time with…and I say, thus–choose your friends wisely.  So, in order to set my intent right for the coming year, I would like to indulge for a moment via this post to discuss what tribes and people I would like to get around the most for the new year.  There’s a whole camp of psychobabble/science that says you attract what you put out into the universe, so, why not try it?  Here goes:

1.  Entrepreneurs – of all the tribes I hang with, I love my fellow ‘treps the most.  Why?  Because they view the world differently than everyone else.  They’re not afraid to say, “What if…?” and they generally keep things awesomely positive.  Furthermore, I will go out of my way to help budding entrepreneurs too–they need the help and support, because starting a business is one of the hardest things ever (at least it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done), and I want to help support them.  So, if you’re a current or budding ‘trep – bring it! Last but certainly not least – in particular, I’d like to get around super successful women entrepreneurs.  What do I mean by successful?  Self-sustaining and self-flourishing, with awesome business services and/or products.  Women go about business differently, with different objectives than men (as I unearthed in SWE and was quoted in Business, Networking & Sex this past year), and honestly, I want women who have “been there, done that” in my life so I can learn how to take business to the next level.

2.  Writers – writers are an interesting bunch – of those that I’ve hung around.  I mainly have non-fiction writers in my life.  Although I’ve found that generally most aren’t as open as the ‘trep crowd, many do both.  I want to get around more writers who have sold more books than I have in 2012.  What to ask them: How did they?  Where are they making their income from–advances?  Speaking?  Selling books?  Selling movie rights?  And how can I push myself to get more of my writing out there in the universe?  Some of my favorite feedback from the entire year last year was notes from fans who read my books and TOOK ACTION from them!  That to me is the best and most powerful thing about writing–creating action for others.  LOVE IT!  And would love to get around more successful writers than me in 2012, so I can better learn how to spread the love.

3.  Polymaths/Renaissance Peeps – most younger professionals already have the hybrid/multiple career thing going on – and I talked about this relative to entrepreneurship in Plan C.  However, I love modern day “polymaths” (? I think that was a term someone called it recently – I tend to call them Renaissance people).  Anyway – you get my point: I like being around people who do a lot of different things.  Why?  Because they like to fit together seemingly disparate things, as they believe everything is pretty much connected–and the more I think about it, the more I think they are right.  Besides, they’re just interesting people to talk to – I can learn something from them, and there’s nothing better than a conversation where learning is exchanged.  That’s my idea of fun too!

4.  People who scare me – shocker, I know, right?  I’ve only said this here at the blog about 50 times now.  But it is worth repeating.  I. Must. Get. Around. People who scare me more in 2012.  I need to have big, bold conversations around my own personal and professional self development–and more importantly, learn how to get our country back on track.  I want to walk away from these conversations with my neurons literally CHANGED IN MY BRAIN.  I want to thing bigger, and in order to do that, I’ve got to get around mentors and people who support big picture thinking, people who are about 50 steps ahead of me with their careers, and people who dare to dream.  Conversely, mentees I’m going to challenge more in the year to come.  So–be careful if you set an appointment with me, mentees–I’m going to hammer on you to dream and think bigger in the year to come too!

While we can each learn something from everyone, my time is going to be totally on smackdown next year, with a full load before finishing law school, and new courses on my plate with the day job–oh, yeah, and that thing called the Bar Exam.  I’ve already started saying no to extra stuff that just doesn’t fit the schema and plans for 2012.  However, I’ll find the time to spend it with the tribes I listed above.  If I set my intent (which I’ve just done with this blog post), I should channel my time and energy correctly.  Or at least that’s what I’m hoping.

My challenge to you with this post?  Figure out a few tribes you’d like to get more of into your own life for 2012, and put them on paper.  It’s scary how the universe will bring them to you, just in time, and just when you need them.

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