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My 3 Wishes for the World – in 2012

I think it was Disney who said that a wish is a “dream that your heart makes.”  Wishes bother me a bit, because it just talks about intent or desire, it doesn’t really talk about action.  But, I fear it is the best word I can come up with for the following list of things for the world that I hope will come true, because I can’t do many of these things alone.  They must change via the collective, via many, via most.

Disclaimer aside, here are my wishes for the world in 2012:

1.  At least for the US – get health care under control – when I open up my daily email search on my first profession – pharmacy – and see that a major health care conference is being sponsored by….a bank…a huge bank for that matter, my stomach turns.  The US Supreme Court has granted cert on PPACA and will decide in 2012 whether or not the individual mandates to purchase health care insurance are constitutional or not.  The #1 cause of bankruptcy now in this country is…wait for it…health care bills.  Twenty percent (20%) of our GDP in this country is now spent on health care.  And friends, that’s insanely, insanely high.  We must get this under control in 2012, or we are doomed.

2.  Get a government that works – we’ve been lucky with a governor (in Indiana) who hasn’t bankrupted our state, but our legislature has been asleep at the wheel on so many issues.  Now, they’re going to close down the statehouse to the public.  Finally, Congress at the federal level?  I won’t even go there, because I don’t want this to turn into a Debbie Downer post – but please, people we MUST vote capable people into office that aren’t going to run our country and states into the ground.  Whether that’s picking your personally least-vile candidate in 2012, or something else – PLEASE get educated on the candidates running for the offices in which you vote.  Again, if we don’t, see the consequences of #1 above.

3.  Get more women running the show – In some states, women are actually losing their rights when it comes to abortion–not gaining them.  Furthermore, of the 100 Senators in Congress?  Only 17 of them are women.  The House is a little better – I think we have around 75-80 women there.  On corporate boards?  Women are rare.  Really rare.  I dare you to look up your favorite company and see how many women they actually have on their board.  One?  Maybe two if you’re lucky?  Yet, women make like 80% of all the buying decisions in this country.  There is scientific and financial evidence that companies with more women on their boards actually make higher profits.  But, the rubber isn’t meeting the road here yet.  These numbers just don’t compute.  Must. Fix.  See Miss Representation if you don’t believe me.  It’s a great movie, but it is scary, and unfortunately, right.

Trust me, I could go on and on, but I won’t push my luck.  If we could work on these 3 things for 2012, and get some better outcomes around them…?  My wishes for the world list would be somewhat satisfied.  I hope that they may come true…because they were made from this girl’s heart.

Thank God her heart doesn’t need an antihypertensive or a statin at this point…

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