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The One Hallmark Trait of the ‘Trep

I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with several people online and off lately in general entrepreneurial flavors, and I believe I now know the hallmark of a true entrepreneurial spirit vs. everyone who says they might be, but then really turns out later to NOT be entrepreneurial at all.

Ready for it?

Are you sure?  OK:

It’s follow up.

Follow up is the one thing that truly separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls when it comes to ‘trepping, or for that matter, being a rock star in your work life in general.  A LOT of people TALK about doing things, and then a very small fraction of people ACTUALLY DO the things they’re talking about.

Example: I have, usually once a month or so, a student who emails me randomly and wants to talk about how to ‘trep early in their career.  Cool.  But, they have to do a few things to do before I’ll meet with them – they must send me their top strengths, values, what they’re good at, what they are passionate about, what they think they ultimately want to do, and their resume.

After that, 1 of 2 things happens…

1.  The sound….of silence….and I never hear from them again. OR
2.  They actually get back to me with all the information.

And, I’ll push this even further.  The students who get back to me with this information in less than 24 hours…?  They’re the real ‘treps (and I’m talking intra or entre here).  They’re going to rock their careers, because they listen AND they DO.  They are committed to following up.  Dan Pink calls this intrinsic motivation.  Larry the Cable Guy calls it ‘getting ‘r dun.’  I call it follow up.  But whatever YOU call it – are you doing it?  Are you walking the talk…or just talking?

Hope. It. Is. The. Former.

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