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More On…The Book Launch Party

I’m always on the hunt for super cool ideas when it comes to throwing a top-shelf, super-fantastical book launch party.  So, not only did I throw the questions out on Faceplace and the T, but I also curated the ‘net to bring back some other ideas at this very post, not only for moi, but for the students working on the Children’s Pharmacy Book Project, and of course, to you, my faithful readers!

Here we go!

Stop the presses!  You always, always always want to invite the press to your launch party.  Duly noted from this article.  Super important.

Make A Difference AND Have Fun!  Why not combine forces with an awesome book launch AND raise funds for a cause?  Love this idea!

Go Low Cost  This may be a no-brainer – but seriously, after you’ve thrown down big bucks and effort into the actual book production, the last thing you can do is toss cash around to have a lavish soiree.  SMART business owners I’ve found will work with you and give you a good deal on space – go local if you can on the venue.

Live Stream the Launch Party?  I LOVE this idea, esp. if you have people from all over the country or world in your book.  Or just a general online launch party too.  Although, I’d honestly need to investigate the technology around this a little more, since I’m kind of a technotard…  This also fits nicely with throwing a virtual book tour too–with multiple authors, and when all parties don’t have 6-figure advances to promote their books.

Photos and multimedia – I really couldn’t find much on the web about this, but I personally cannot emphasize this part enough.  If you’re the author, you’re going to be pulled in about 20 different directions during your party, and it goes by so fast that it will feel like a drive-by.  I’m telling you – you want to get as MANY photographers at your launch party as possible!  Work out a deal with professionals, and get your friends with the hobby bug to bring their cameras as well.

I’ve been impressed with BOTH the pros and the amateurs at my parties – and they’re cool to work with, because you can cross-promote services.  You’re not going to see everyone and everything happening at your party – so let the photographers capture as much of the action as possible.  (And I personally HATE getting my photo taken, but you’re probably only going to have one launch party, so make some memories stick and get the photos going!)  Last but certainly not least, you’d also want to think about hash tags, check ins and all that good social media buzz stuff to have participants get involved with – the best parties involve EVERYONE in the action!

There you have it!  But if you have ideas from any book launch party you’ve been to, seriously–I’d love to hear them.  Email me.  I’m going to help plan one this spring, and I think it is going to ROCK!  And if you’re lucky enough to launch a book of your own, I’m here to tell you, my friend, that while book launch parties are a TON of work, they are worth the hassle.

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