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The Joy of Quiet & Ideas

One of my law professors sent me an excerpt from this article in the Times about The Joy of Quiet.  I liked it. And I think it is right, in a lot of ways. We’re so overloaded with technology and white noise these days, it literally is a golden thing to be able to shut it all off and merely listen…God forbid…to only the voices in our head.

I’ve written before that I value silence.  But after reading the article, I even went over to Pinterest and thought about my own idea of what truly is golden these days, and I think it is both quiet and contemplating ideas that I value, which for me, frequently comes from reading.  So, I curated a board on Pinterest about this too–the Joy of Quiet and Ideas.  For me, that means a quiet library crammed full of new and old books, a cozy chair, and a glass of wine.  That’s really all I’d need to keep myself content for a long, long time.  No iPhone, no laptop, no gadgets, no video.  Just me, my wine and my books. (OK, and pen and paper.  I would need to collect my best thoughts on something.)

But I’m certainly not going to move to the middle of nowhere as the author suggests in the Times article.  Been there, done that, and really don’t want to do that again.  However, it would be a lovely respite to have some quiet places to go, relax, unwind, and quietly read a book.  That rules out about 98% of the world. That’s also why I’m mourning over the loss of the great American bookstore.  They’re just..disappearing.  I just want places where I can go to be inspired, and bookstores used to be part of filling my inspiration bucket. Now?  I’m not sure where to go, other than online.  And frankly, that’s just not the same.

I’ll keep looking for the 2% of the remaining world that is quiet.  If that’s important to you, and you find that 2% quiet space?  Hold on to it…for dear life.

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