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Hurry Up Spring!!!

One of my mentors from college told me to never wish my life away.  But that’s really hard to remember on days like today, where it’s 30 degrees outside, blustery, with snow on the ground–and after spending a Friday night at a memorial service for a colleague.  But, I created a win-win here by wishing for spring, discussing spring break plans, and yes, even curating a hurry up spring board on pinterest as part of my pin-therapy. Pindiction. Pinspiration. Whatever you so choose to call it.  Enjoy.

Winter is probably my least favorite season, long about the end of January, and it is getting more difficult for me each winter as I get…eh hem…more mature. So while my old school mentor was correct–it is a bad thing to wish one’s life away–I totally understand that sometimes, it’s OK to want to fast forward a little. Also, in an effort to bring the experiences I want back to me, here’s a few things that I’m getting straight with the universe for next quarter or two. Please bear with me, but as those who believe in putting out what you want to come back to you–allow me to indulge in a Tony Robbins moment or two below:

1.  Paris:  Let’s be clear, dear universe.  I’m VERY interested in heading to Paris during spring break.  Let’s make that one happen!

2.  Plan C: Everyone keeps on asking if Plan C will ever be a book-book.  My answer to that is: maybe.  I just need about half a dozen more compelling stories to add to a second edition, THEN and only then will I make plans to do a book-book.  So, dear universe, if you can bring ‘em on, I’m here, with my computer, ready to take answers and notes.  If not?  Good enough is good enough.

3.  Passing the bar: Pass the bar the first time.  Do it once, do it right.  (That’s more just for me–but still, need to put that out there…)

4.  Children’s RX book: let’s have an awesome party for that one, mmk?

5.  My law school reading for the week and my lesson plans: get magically into my brain before I finish this post.

OK – not going to push my luck here.  #5 probably overstepped my wishing boundaries.

But you get my point.  Sometimes, it’s a good thing to rectify with the universe what you want.  That way everyone is on the same page–no matter what season, time, temperature, or otherwise.  Try it – write down 5 things you’d like the universe to bring to you during the next quarter or two.  Then, put the note in a safe place and drag it back out later on in the year – did any of it come true?  You might just be surprised…!

(And still..bring on spring!  Sorry to my mentor.)

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