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Monday Multiple Choice

Today, I had the opportunity to:

A. Finalize 50 or so patent term calculations;
B. Finish writing a quiz;
C. Lecture for 2.5 hours;
D. Attend class for an additional 2 hours;
E. Fight PowerPoint – and lose (OF COURSE on a PC, not a mac);
F. Both teach and learn about Orphan Drugs;
G. Nearly die on the way to work this morning via inane drivers;

Correct answer? H. All of the above.

This was a mother Monday.  But I’m still alive.  I survived.  And in order to celebrate our survival on this oh-so-crazy Monday, I will leave you with a quote I posted tonight on Twitter, that should definitely apply to ALL Mondays, which is an African-American Proverb:

“Do the best you can, where you are, with what you have, now.”

Next Monday?  I’m going to repeat the line above.  In my head.  Over and over…

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