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There’s No Place Like OK

As I looked out the window at the Memphis airport on my way back home from Oklahoma today, where I presented this week on entrepreneurship education in healthcare, I looked out the window at the FedEx hub…and chuckled.

Why did I laugh?

Well…irony of course!

Staring at one of the huge hubs of the Fedex Memphis terminal, I remembered the story about the founder of Fedex, who wrote a business plan in one of his college (or MBA?) classes about the entire business model of Fedex…and if I recall correctly, earned a B- (or C?) on the plan.  As I chuckled to myself, I wondered what it took to earn an A in that class, and more importantly, if any of the A-earners in the class actually started businesses, and, last but not least, if they were more successful than Fedex.

This week at the meeting, I had a chance to talk not once, but twice about healthcare entrepreneurship (those who know me well also know I can’t shut up about entrepreneurship – so this wasn’t difficult).  Some of the slides are here:

But some of the coolest things I saw? Definitely the people who get fired up about teaching others in healthcare about entrepreneurship from all over the globe (like Tasmania, Denmark, Trinidad, South Africa and the UK to name a few)!  Oh, yeah, and a $100 ECG machine that straps onto a smartphone via a case that is 98% accurate of an expensive ECG machine that typically costs $7500.  The cherry on top for the trip?  I read Richard Branson’s book cover to cover on the way down, Screw Business as Usual.  I couldn’t and still can’t think of a more appropriate and awesome book to read during that particular meeting.

It’s fun to get around people fired up about the same things I’m fired up about.  Not that that doesn’t happen every day around me, but it is nice to get out of Dodge and get down to places where winds sweep over plains to chat about stuff I care about.  And, best part of all?

There’s no place like home.  It’s always great to come home!

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