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Spring Crack & Purge

Every time my closet gets a little too overrun with pilled, torn clothing – I know it is time to head somewhere on vacation.

One of my friends is a world traveler.  I went to her school of packing.  And when I go overseas, I tend to go on a “Purge trip.”  That is, I take a backpack of my rattiest clothes, wear them, then pitch them along the way, ridding me of my beyond-expiration date overloaded closet at home and creating more space in my backpack to take cool things home for my family and friends.

Such was the case this past week, when I took a “Spring Crack” (a 4 day power trip) to Paris and Brussels.  It’s not really a full spring break kind of trip – going to the EU for a whopping 4 days, so bear with me while I call it a Spring Crack trip instead of a full-on break.

I took my good ol’ backpack, along with some ratty T-shirts and turtlenecks, and headed out.  I found it extremely liberating to let go of my old ratty clothes along the way, only to lighten the load on my back–literally–and figuratively, in the sense that taking a break from one’s life that is often full of stress, pressure, etc., is a good thing.  At least it was for me.

I had the shot at reading some books that were fun to read (God forbid) and that I wanted to read, rather than law school texts (no offense, I can only read Roe v. Wade so many times…)  I also had the chance of playing the observer, and watching two entirely different cultures go about their daily lives and business, but in entirely different ways than we do in the states.  (Seriously–the French do take 4 hour lunches with wine, and anyone who has ever been in Brussels marvels at the international house of languages going on around them.)  (And trains.  Why don’t we have a decent train system in this country?  I digress.)

That, and I learned that the kids over in Paris are taking RayBan Wayfarers and turning them into eyeglasses.  As I placed on twitter this morning, not sure I could rock that retro.

You get my point, I do hope?  That a Spring Crack & Purge trip, while exhausting, can be equally refreshing.  I hope you try one soon.  I did, and I loved it.

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