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The End is Near: My Law School Summary Outline

With 15 official classroom days left of my law school career, it’s time to throw down some summaries of the biggest, best and worst things about law school–EVER!  (That is, before I forget and/or mentally block them for the rest of my life.)  I will break these most epic parts of law school and blogs into six separate posts coming down in the next few weeks.  They will be in the following outlined order (we love our outlines in law school):

Part I: The Best Things About Law School
Part II: The Worst Things About Law School  (Together, Parts I & II are very Dickensonian, I know…)
Part III: My Most Epic Failures in Law School
Part IV:  What Surprised Me Most About Law School
Part V: What I’d Change About Law School
Part VI:  What I’d Do Differently, If I Had To Do Law School Over Again

Some of my lawyer-y friends said parts II & V will be the longest posts.  But I’m not quite sure about that.  I could take plenty of white space up in Part III alone–just ask a few of my professors.  (Although, yes, I confess, part V is going to be lengthy.)  I do, however, encourage you to read these coming posts if you’re considering school yourself.  Not so much as an end of the world set of rules when it comes to law school, but rather a serious and thoughtful assessment about my impressions of what law school is and was while it is still fresh in my mind, in an effort to help you be well-informed with another data point before you decide to head back.

Disclaimers:  I attended only two law schools, technically.  And this is a good time to remind y’all why I went to law school again: 1. I wanted to advocate for my first and already established career, pharmacy.  2.  I wanted to also advocate for my second careers–entrepreneurship and writing.  3.  I want to help shape lawmakers’ minds about creating LESS, not more law, especially when it comes to issues in bullet 1 & 2 above. There are other reasons, but I’ll leave those big 3 up for you to contemplate and wear as the lens by which to read my forthcoming assessments.

Most important of all my disclaimers: I already had a first career going in.  This fact can DRAMATICALLY alter one’s rationale for going in to law school in the first place.  Please keep this in mind as my future posts come, because it’s all about context when contemplating any advanced education.

(And BTW, the excuse of, “I can’t think of anything better to do, and the economy sucks, so I think I’ll go to law school” really is NOT a valid or smart reason to go right now–or maybe ever.)  Also needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway: my situation and reasons for going to law school won’t match yours.  But that’s OK – it all depends on you and what YOU want out of law school that truly makes the difference in deciding whether or not you should go.

Consider this official notice.  More to come.  Good, bad, utopian and otherwise….

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