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The Perfect Entertainment Quadfecta

I don’t even know if quadfecta is a word or not, but I’ll go ahead and use it.

But things that come in 4s seem to be pretty cool.

Here’s a 4 grouping I was thinking about a LOT today on the way back to work after the NAWBO Indy luncheon on “Everyone having a book in you” – (writers’ panel) – which is this.

I think the perfect form of entertainment moving forward would be a book–with video–and music–and gaming. A Muvookgame?  A Vookmugame?  A bookvideomusicgame?  A videbookmugame?


Case in point?  Rolling Stone raved that Bjork has the best whatchamacallit like above (maybe minus the book part) with her app launch last year.  It combined music, art, gaming and I’m assuming a little print all in one application.

And while I absolutely adore books, really, I’ll go ahead and ask: what was the last book that you sat down and really read a REAL book cover to cover?  Furthermore, did you recently read one cover to cover in one sitting?  The younger the person you ask about the last book they read, typically, responds by asking, “Do magazines count?”

(No, they don’t.)

But now, with iPads and kindles galore, over half our audience for the writers’ panel today said they read now on an iPad or kindle.  I think we have a monster opportunity here.  We can combine video, audio, writing and gaming into one really cool thing to entertain and enlighten.  To inspire and innovate.  To make madly and passionately–and re-engage the masses in what could quite well be the perfect entertainment quadfecta.

That, and we can by doing this get back to one of my favorites–the Choose Your Own Adventure type books.  (Admittedly, this is precisely why I can’t bring myself to read the final Hunger Games book–because the ending I’ve heard isn’t ideal and I’d prefer to choose my own ending, thank you very much…)

Just an idea.  Hope the teckies get on this one!

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