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How Colleges & Universities Can Win the War on ROI

College price tags just keep going up.

It’s getting really hard to see the return on investment (ROI), despite the fact that we all know in the past, a college education guaranteed more income over one’s life than a mere high school diploma.

However, there’s a breaking point for everything…and when college tuition raises to one year equaling the price of a car, or even a house, one begins to wonder if we’re getting near that breaking point.

There’s also the problem of physical location.  That is, with the power of the internet, video cameras and web streaming, do students REALLY need to go to class anymore?

As a student myself, I’m not so sure.  IF, that is, all a student is going to do is listen to a didactic lecture.  One-way communication is so over in terms of learning, we need a new word for over.

Here’s one way I think colleges and universities can really deliver on the super expensive tuition.  Ready?

To make it valuable, and to make it powerful to just show up, I think colleges and universities should require interdisciplinary team projects for learning assessment and development.

What do I mean?  Well, let’s take “water.”  We all need water to survive, and water is going to be the next oil in terms of precious resources we’re losing at a rapid pace in the world.  So, why not take a group of students from DIFFERENT professional backgrounds to “solve a water problem.”

Vague?  Yes.  Fuzzy?  Definitely.  Confusing?  Maybe.  But you might just be surprised at how interdisciplinary teams of students can really rock some fresh ideas with vague, fuzzy and confusing.  I’ve personally witnessed it BOTH as a professor AND as a student.

That’s just one way I think colleges and universities can document and prove the ROI.  There are others…but I’ll just start with this kind suggestion.  Get to it!

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