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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Sorry – this post is totally for selfish reasons.  I made the students in RX526 -  Pharmacy, Policy and the Law read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks this year, and now I must create some discussion guides around this book.  (It’s great, by the way – if you’re in the pharmaceutical, biotech or medical device industries and/or clinical research, you really should read it.)

Anyway, I’m culminating all my questions in this blog post, for culling later.

1.  First off, describe the follow 4 guidelines and where they came from:

-Nuremberg Code
-WMA’s Declaration of Helsinki
-The Belmont Report
-The Common Rule

2.  Good questions from Booklust.

3.  Great questions from the author, Rebecca Skloot.

4.  Wisconsin had some interesting questions here.

5.  Questions from Olean Public Library.

6.  Great video about the book here.

7.  Good discussion questions at Lit Lovers.

8.  A good summary of most of the online tools at U of Maryland here.

9.  Last but not least, a video from a friend at the T on public health and Henrietta Lacks.

10. Even more cool stuff – story at CBS Sunday Morning.

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