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Senge, A Coyote, and Other Technical Difficulties

So goes my day, out of order in the title above.

First–notably–a friend invited me downtown to Indy this afternoon late to hear Peter Senge speak.  Although it’s been awhile since reviewing the Fifth Discipline, I wanted to hear what he had to say about education.  Here are the stickier parts of his talk:

  • A golden period of any society, so goes an ancient Chinese saying, occurs when children are valued the most in that society.
  • We used to use the term “elders” to describe the older and wiser folks in our society.  Now we call them “elderly.” Why?
  • When discussing the fishing industry and a story of changing the goal from catching as many fish as possible to instead, sustaining the environment and the fishing industry–the success of Cozumel area fisher-folk occurred when they decided to either collaborate and “hang together” vs. “hang alone.”  They chose to hang together. (And by hang, I don’t mean hang out.  I mean hang up the business of fishing because of overfishing, oceans warming, and the coral environment dying from acidic waters.)
  • We are all delusional.  We have our delusions as a form of warm, fuzzy comfort and security.  However, to get rid of them, we have to be aware of them and shed them only when we make the conscious choice to do so.

That’s some pretty deep stuff for me on a Tuesday.

Then, on the way home, I was on I-69 stuck in fast wall to wall traffic, and out of nowhere comes a coyote.  I prayed while moving forward that I would not hear a thud.  I heard the thud.  I also saw another thud in my rear view mirror when the semi next to me hit the coyote after me.

Dear Universe, I am sorry for this loss of life; however, I was comforted slightly to know that we have an over population of them just on the news last week, and that I may have potentially saved 10 or so neighborhood pets by making an unfortunate demise for the coyote meeting the underbelly of the Jeep.

Last but certainly not least–I have really beat up my network lately with requests for letters of support.  If I’ve asked you for a letter, or two, or several – I am truly very sorry.  I know how much time and energy they take, and on top of technical difficulties with the platforms for the applications, I’m about to pull my own hair out.  All I can say here is–technology is great–when it works.  It’s also great when you actually have power to your house to fire up that technology, supplied by a power company, rather than a generator out back.

I’m scratching the two rougher areas of my day off to karmic retribution, in hopes that payback will be tomorrow.  I’m hoping it will be more philosophical like Senge’s talk, it will be less technologically challenging–and most of all, it will be completely thud-free.

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