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Twinkies and Texas

First, the most important part (sorry, lone star state) – the makers of Twinkies declared this week that they are officially going out of business.  There are now crazy reports of boxes of Twinkies going for up to $200K on ebay.  (I dig Twinkies–but not that much.)  The leaders of the company blame organized labor and a strike for their demise.  Now there are reports that a Mexican company may buy the rights to manufacture the goodies.  (Hostess–BTW–was founded in Texas, ironically.)

Second story: reports from Texas and several other states post election that they’d like to secede from the United States.  Texas in particular is a big deal, because its economy is one of the biggest in the US – over $1.3 trillion.  They now have over 100,000 signatures to leave the union.

What does this all mean?  Besides no more sugary Hostess snacks and a large booming economy leaving the country potentially, and both start with a T–I think it kind of begs the question.  I like Twinkies.  I like Texas being part of the United States.  But if half the country disagrees, how much longer will we really be a true United States?  Furthermore, what are these signs of–changing values?  I’m not sure.

All I know is that I will miss Twinkies, and Texas, should it choose to leave.

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