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The Life Work Matching Game

Query: Where does your work come from?  Where does your income come from?  Do they match up 100%?

Probably not.

I’m re-reading (or reading for the first time, I suppose) The Rise of the Creative Class Revisited.  I read Richard Florida’s other original version, but he claims his book has been practically re-written for this updated edition.  Not sure, as I haven’t gotten through the 400 pages just yet, nor do I remember what I’ve read 10 years ago.

But, in it, he’s talking about the new world of work…there’s a section “Where the New Work Comes From.”

That section is making me ask myself – where is my work coming from, and where does my income come from, and do they match?

We all do volunteer work and give back when we can.  I do.  Although, I’m starting to wonder how much giving back is good at little to no income–vs. balancing one’s time with watching one’s own back to produce income?  It may sound greedy–but if we can’t take care of ourselves, who else can we really help to the best of our ability?  (Think about the airplane airbag instruction you’ve heard each time you’ve gotten on that plane ride.)

So, I’m just asking the universe for some input on this one: how much overlap should there be between one’s life work and one getting paid?  I don’t know.  I’m sure I’m doing it wrong.  But all one way or the other can’t be right.  It’s the optimal middle section that I’m trying to get a proper handle on here…

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