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Cryptozoology, Camels and Circles

This week, words that begin with the letter “C” come to mind.

First, I had a conversation today that involved the word “cryptozoology.”  I had heard about it before (was it on CBS Sunday Morning)?  But I was schooled on the term again–by a student.  I dig it when students educate me, and I definitely think I learn more from them than they do from me.  Case in point right here.

I still really do wonder if unicorns exist.  Does that make me a cryptozoologist?  Probably not….

Second, rumor has it that there will be not 1, not 2, but 4 camels on Butler’s campus next week.  That’s pretty much all I can say on that matter, as res ipsa loquitur–the thing pretty much speaks for itself.  I can’t even top 1 camel–let alone four.

Third, it was cool to go out and thank a few of our preceptors at work this week – and one was a former student that I had the task of mentoring on the first book project we did at Butler in 2008 – Prescription To My Younger Self.  When I was explaining to her the new children’s book project, and hearing her explain her work on the first book to her current boss, it kind of brought the whole writing/mentoring/teaching thing back to me in a full-circle kind-of-way.  I can’t remember what I ate 4 years ago now, but I can remember what books I published–and so did she as a student.  Pretty cool.

Kind of an odd combo of words to describe this exact point in time–but they are the best I can come up with for a Friday night.


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