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Rocket Fuel Collection, Gasoline, and Torches

According to CEO of OgilvyOne, there are 3 career phases, aforementioned (despite them seemingly sounding rather violent).  First phase (10-15 years) is collecting rocket fuel.  You are figuring your profession out, and taking on fuel in order to sustain your career over the long haul (which, coincidentally the CEO says is much, much longer than we all think.)

Phase 2 is the “gasoline on the strengths” phase.  I think this might be where I am (although I’m caught between stages with the different education I’ve earned…not sure this is quite so simple).  Regardless – he argues that in this phase, you know who you are, you know your strengths, it’s just time to work those strengths out and completely maximize them.  You have to be outstanding at some core-strength of your career.

I’ll let you read about stage 3 on your own – don’t want to give it all away.  However, I’ve been thinking about stages 1 and 2 since I read the article first thing this morning.

Where’s the bit about people who are constantly learning new things in order to carry them over to their first professions?  What about those who take on an entirely different profession to help enhance the first profession?  What about those with multiple careers?  All that is missing here, and I find that a bit…disturbing.

But, I shall continue to move forward, and I’ll go ahead and try to pour some more gasoline on my strengths–focus on the future, maximizing current opportunities, collecting ideas and debating them, and keep moving forward.

In the meantime, I challenge all of us to not think too simply about our careers – I think they’re much more complicated than just 3 phases anymore.  The world has become more complicated, and so must our skills to keep up with it.

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